Petition to remove PVP upgrades in 9.2 - BRING BACK WOD GEARING

Like the post, Give it a BRING BACK WOD GEARING or even your own suggestion!! we must stop this 500k honor farm fest


it’s a bit too late, at this point

It’s never too late to ask for good changes!

Personally I don’t care about the rating requirements, but I understand why people do and wouldn’t mind them to remove it.

What I personally do care about is my needed time investment when I want to equip alts. To remove limits but keep the time barrier is not a help at all, or do the devs really expect me to submit a 2 weeks vacation, just to gear an alt?


I don’t mind upgrades on the gear for its PvE ilvl but the PvP ilvl should be a fixed point above the ilvl of mythic raid gear no matter the upgraded level. Same thing applies to the honor gear.


Hey, this is a cool idea! That way you still have to grind for your gear to be good in M+ and raiding like the PvE-players. And I think no one has a problem with grind for the PvE-Part of the game. But you remove the problem for the PvP-Playerbase without screwing the PvE’ers.

in 9.2 there are way bigger problems then rating requirements/honor for upgrades.

2 leggys
new dumb af pvp trinkets (especially the def one)
set bonuses

if these things will get included in pvp theres no reason left to play.


People keep saying that as if they had already played 9.2 for 100 hours and knew exactly what was going to happen. We don’t know


use ur brain and u will know what happens if these things get included.

the def trinket alone will kill 2s. add the other things as well and its the biggest shtshow u can imagine.

but ye the sets look awful anyway hopefully the wep’s as well then i dont need to play this garbadge that is to come and can cure my wow addiction.

jk i will prob play regardless…

Dps are going to do more dam. Healers are going to heal more.
We’ll get more health.

That’s the only thing we know for sure. After all, what do I care what you believe

if u think these changes will be all fine for pvp then ye we have complete dif opinions.
i strongly think they wont be fine thats why i write about em here because i care about this game.
once implemented they wont go away since next xpac and we stuck with it for over a year prob… big rip.

its not only about that but about balance as well.
they dont even manage to balance rn how do they wanna do it with 2 leggys and set-bonuses?

That’s called experience. It’s not like in the past people predicted what will happen if Blizzard does x and everytime turned out to be right.


Not every time tho, my point exactly

Because blizz never did anything wrong after ignoring feedback and adding more systems…

When you think about it, classes would have been even less balanced in shadowland without covenants, since they all were balanced around those.

Don’t get me wrong tho, of course I believe it’s going to be worse. It’s just that I don’t act as if I knew it, because I don’t.

I can settle with covenants. But legendaries and conduits on top of very specific PvP scalings that see non intuitive make the game unnecessary complicated.

ask yeah, we should ask, expect blizzard to listen is a different story

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