Phase 2 is Killing the game we love

This situation in the game is unacceptable. As an old player and pvper even my patience have it’s limits. Let alone the new players. These basement dwelling no lifers and their deathsquads are killing the game we love. Soon there won’t be anyone left to play your game. The damage is already done and it left a bad taste in most peoples mouth. So please fix your game fast Blizzard.


Did it taste salty in your mouth?

You would know that taste

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Rolls on a PvP server…complains about PvP


12/10 you write it again, just reroll and you understand :slight_smile:


Orc rogue on 70% majority server calls his ez-mode mongozug power-trip experience a PvP experience. I’m 100% sure that’s what you signed for and enjoying it. No sarcasm. It’s actually current zoomer mentality.

Edit: I even figured out a mathematical formula describing your breed. 100%ezmode + 0%challenge = 100% fun. Now give me my PhD.

I’m not really a PvPer - I don’t really have the time for it, but your blinkered stereotypical views are as always miles off the mark - but thats what I expect from society these days who throw around terms like “zoomer & boomer”

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  • creates an orc rogue
  • on horde dominated pvp realm
  • “not pvper”
  • ez life fun
  • says to ally that rolled on pvp server
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Oh I’m sorry, let me help you understand the zoomer stereotype by posting a zoomer response and then analyse it:

Rolls on a PvP server…complains about PvP

  • Apathy. Doesn’t care about other people’s experience as long as he/she is having his/her stroll in the park (aka “the comfort zone”) . So what if they quit because it is unplayable for them? Am I having a good time? kewl. Are they not? get gud. Is the game going to die due to these issues? error can’t compute any further

  • Gets off by being dominant by numbers and then throws a hollow response
    which doesn’t even address any of the core issues of this crapshow. Would probably have a bad time on a balanced server where he/she will actually have to work for it (can’t get any more zoomer than that) The most probably re-rolls on PvE server.

  • Assumes PvP means 10Playes Vs 1Player. Best game is EZ game. Proceeds to reinforce this ideology in forums, oblivious to his/her zoomer stereotypical behaviour of seeking effortless achievements, lack of challenge and a sense that everything is ok and as it should be with the game, as long as he/she is on the “winning” side and being proud of that Everyone else is just a looser and should have rolled PvE server.

Pls give me my PhD already.

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When intellect destroys :wink:

  • my rogue in vanilla was an orc rogue - same model as this one
  • when servers were announced we all decided to roll Shaz, none of knew if this was horde dominant or not
  • i said i don’t really pvp - i don’t have the time, i pretty much log to raid on a Wednesday and have a few hours here and there.
  • my life is “ez” and “fun”
  • unsure what your last point means

as above - as you can see i have never really pvp’d

I don’t understand why Alliance guild is going in Blackrock Mountain alone. Like today, only 1 guild (Banish ?) was able to get on into MC without any resistance because they played really aggresive and wiped us by pushing to infinity, impossible for horde to handle that.

Then, Alliance guild was coming 1 by 1 and die, then they have to do corpse run and they get camped. It’s obvious Horde is going to try what they want to kill them all, every time a guild is trying to go into BRM there’s announcement.

Instead of doing that, maybe you should try to whisp other guild to go into BRM with 4 or 5 guild and protect each other ? Try to go into 2 way (North + South) to divide Horde into 2 side ? Every time I see Horde dying when Alliance is going BRM, it’s because Alliance is pushing faster and Horde is getting outplayed and run run run. More time you wait, Harder it will be for your guild because lot of people use /1 from Searing/Burning Step and world channel to inform each others.

Btw i’m glad Exploding Labrat / Lads on Tauren play the game and get BRD entrance every time. Sure, sometime, they use dungeon or portal to avoid fight, but it’s only when they are outnumbered to hard.

And i’m sorry for you, solo player, that try to go into a dungeon or do quest into theses zones, it’s hard, but it will be better when battleground is release. Don’t think we like to kill you and enjoy that, we have no other choice to make honor than killing everyone level 48+.

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Yeah, poor you guys… I feel for you <3

Can we keep realm server cry free? PLEASE?

Zoomers canceled

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