Phase 2 WPvP

Pretty sure world pvp whilst leveling is some of the best pvp around. Sometimes you have to improvise to get the job done. Starting fights you know you shouldnt win, getting revenge on a group of gankers, trying to get that quest mob killed before you get ganked, all awesome in my books.

That was pretty entertaining, cheers! Your name seems familiar, I feel like I’ve run into you at some point, maybe it was on my alt mage called Arelap…

Protip when dealing with paladins (or any other class that starts spam healing themselves): just switch to mana burn. Even if you don’t have points in imp mana burn, it’s still a much better way to make sure they go oom before you do.

Question about the second clip at the start where the rogue jumps after the druid teleports out: why the fade? Muscle memory from retail where you can make it reduce damage taken?

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is this guy actually level 38?

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Cheers for the details dude! Very much appreciated and im glad you found it entertaining.

So the paladin, was trying to take my herb! Was trying to get him to run away more than anything. But you are right, as soon as he left i was like “oh yea mana burn”. Up to that point i didnt need it or use it and just completely forgot.

With the rogue,i meant to put my shield on but press the wrong key from panic lol

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