Phase 4 release day/time?

When it’s the actual time release? Articles say October, 10 and i suppose 00:00, but that’s this night and i dont think will be this night because there is a maintenance October, 11 from 3AM to 11AM.

I am really lost, Blizzard was really transparent with ICC release but not the same with Phase 4.


It will be during the maintenance. I’m pretty sure patch day has been at the same time for like 15 years

Edit: The most recent info atm.

Hes asking about the ICC phase release, not the doors to ICC.
Tho now that I read that post again, it doesn’t say the other ICC phase content will be available on the 10th… I just assume it will be done on patch day.
From that article, this bit “Patch 3.4.3 becomes available the week of October 10”

Ah sorry, but I hope its in there somewhere D:

But the maintenance is October, 11 and presumably the release day is Tuesday, October, 10, i dont understand the discrepancy.

But the weeks begins October, 9. I don’t understand how easy is for Blizzard to clarify the Phase 4 time release. We now exactly day/time for raid but no for the patch itself, what a non sense. Thanks anyways little gnome.


I don’t know how credible of a source “wowpedia” is, but I’m pretty sure the 10th is by US time.

Quote from wowpedia:
" Patch Day occurs when a new patch is applied to the live game from Blizzard’s servers and applied to your client to continue to play World of Warcraft . They are, unlike hotfixes, scheduled to be usually on Tuesdays (weekly maintenance downtime) in North America and on Wednesdays in Europe."

Also I’m assuming they mention the week of 10th since the 10th would be patch day and in the US the first day of the week is considered Sunday, but that’d make it worse.

I don’t know, but it won’t be tonight for sure. Best bet check on the 11th after the maintenance, if not then at the mentioned ICC release time.

I don’t think the phase release really matters that much anyway. I’d assume we get some stuff on patch day since the new PvP season will start after the patch, but all you’d be getting is 3 new dungeons and RDF. Hardly an occasion to plan for.

PvP season blue post:

It matters a lot because i am a returning player who wants to level a fresh char with rdf tool and yeah 1 day more it’s not a catastrophe but i was hyped with tonight because it’s the announced day and now it’s a day later because potato.


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I guess a bit more research would have helped and if you’re a returning player, I’m surprised you’ve forgotten about patch day… pretty sure I’ll remember it for another few decades :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh well such is life and what not, good luck with your leveling and stuff.

Isn’t research to read an official article? It’s not my fault patch day and announced day are different xDDD

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I thought patch was 12th, but notes are dated 10th so now I’m assuming tomorrow for patch and Friday for ICC. RDF a few days early maybe, can’t complain. :slight_smile:

Blizzard always make their posts like that, what they mean is ‘10th for the Yanks, 11th for you EU peasants’.

Patches are always applied with maintenance, they just shutter the opening of raids cause apparently world firsts are a thing somewhere.

I like being an EU peasant! :stuck_out_tongue:

The battlenet launcher says that realms will be offline from 00.00 to 2.00 wed 11. So I assume at 2.00 we can start doing the new hcs.

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