Phasing while doing event

Every single time i do the Community feast in Iskaara i get phased the last 10 sec to a shard that have not bin doing the event so is this a way for you to tell me that my acount will not be ever able to kill the rare Bisquius ? as this is just starting to be silly …

Hey there Aratina,

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had with this. It should be a pretty rare occurrence and if it’s happened multiple times that sounds very unlucky.

If you still want to keep trying for it, it might be worth getting a group together which should help guard against this.

ohh right nice force grouping on a event that does not need it …i guess me killing that wont happen then if that’s your solution. how about fixing the phasing .

Excuse me?
Tyrskorn, I really don’t want to ruin your day, but I have a blunt and honest question:
Do you (all of you moderators) follow the forums? Do you read the topics? Do you inform yourself, what happens on the us-forum? Don’t know, if you are involved in opening In-game Bug Reports, but if so… have you opened those recently?
Do me a favor and look into this
This is from a community council member… the guys, you said, you adress them over the communitie’s concerns.
In this thread he has links to dozens of other threads describing the same problem, Aratina has.
No answer so far… to none of them.
Now I come to the eu english forum - the last place on earth, where I expect a Blue to answer - and I see … blue answer.
Know, what I was thinking?
I did not expect: “Hey, whe have good news, we adress this next patch. It is already solved!”
I know, how fickle coding can be. So I was expecting something like: “Yeah Aratina, we know, it’s already on our radar. Something is truly messed up, but we work full force on the problem.” And honestly… that would have been the kind of answer, we all would have needed… and have expected.

But then I read:
“pretty rare occurance” “very unlucky.”
Very Unlucky and Rare like it happened to 100.000s?
By the way… reading all the reports should make clear, that grouping doesn’t solve the problem, as there are multiple reports, that half groups or even full groups changed all of sudden their shard.

Again… I don’t want to attack you or any moderator personally, but I feel here some kind of misinformation on your side.

I know, there’s a lot of change in the company right now, so I don’t mind, if it simply slipped out of your attention. But now you have been pointed to the problem. It would be a wise move to answer Ravij’s Post on the Community council. Let the people, who gave up on Open World Content, know, that you take the problem serious.

With best wishes, Donegal. Hobby Fisherman and Master of vanishing Tuskarr-Fishing-Spears.

Edited: …typos, dammit.