<Pink Shorties> are looking for experienced raiders to bolster our raid team!

Hey people. Not sure if anyone uses these forums any more, but thought I would post here anyway.

<Pink Shorties> are an alliance guild on Maelstrom who have been raiding mythic throughout BfA. 5/8 Uldir, 8/9 BoD, and are currently aiming for cutting edge in Eternal Palace. Raid times are 20-23 Wednesdays and Sundays.

We also have a decent amount of raiders and socials active throughout the week, doing M+ and such, we are not purely a raiding guild.

We are currently recruiting players of any class to increase the size and quality of our roster. If you are a dedicated player with previous mythic experience and would like a relaxed and fun guild to raid with we might be a match for you :smile:

If you don’t care about raiding but just want a guild to join you are also welcome, provided you are not a complete dickhead or whatever.

Contact an officer (Askeld, Mimet, Myxelia, Nalystrax, Druegar) in game if you are interested.

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