Pizza Hut - fresh casual guild

Hey everyone, Pizza Hut is a fully fresh guild which means everyone is welcome.
The goal of the guild is to just clear heroic on a weekly basis with a small chill roster and perhaps go for first 3 mythic ones later down the line for the vault option, if we get a set group of 20. The raid times are up for debate as the guild was recently created, I’d like to hear when would it be the best time during the day from each person who’s interested and we’ll go from there. I personally thought either to make it a morning / noon 2h raid or perhaps afternoon, but we’ll discuss that as we find more people.
In addition to raiding I want to host achievement and mount runs for perhaps bfa mounts and other glory achievements as a weekend event perhaps, with weekly m+ runs for whoever is interested.
My main goal is to keep the characters up to date with at least hc gear until we have news for the next patch as me and my friends are not interested in mythic raiding this tier.
You can message me on discord or add me on battlenet if you’re interested, thanks and have a great day ^^
Discord - Vex#0069 (capital V)
Bnet - vex#2988

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