Play Hearthstone Mercenaries® Beginning Today! Ride into action on Sarge

Love the mount thanks.

The new look and ui, bells and whistles etc of Hearthstone is absolutely horrible IMHO.

Well done on ruining yet another game lol ./golfclap

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The mount is very good. Shop mount quality.

I want the mount so I downloaded heartstone on my phone. I can’t click on mercinaries, it says “new mode coming soon” .

Do I miss something, I see people here already got the mount?

EDIT: Worked today, so got the mount :slight_smile: Was fun to play a little HS

It is gorgeous, but I am biased towards small mounts, I love the Ratstallion as well. Sarge is a lovely, lovely mount.

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I got the mount. I did not enjoy my time in Hearthstone whatsoever.
I uninstalled it immediately after.

But thanks. I guess.


Got mine! took no more than 15 mins.

Shame it doesn’t fly :frowning:

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Sounds like the Hearthsteed all over again.

Much, much quicker to get than the Hearthsteed.

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I’m not sure tbh. I have the Hearthsteed, but I have no memory of getting it. :sweat_smile:
Maybe I’ve repressed that particular memory.

All I know is that I really don’t like Hearthstone. And this is coming from someone who has, in the past, competed in (real life) ‘Magic: the Gathering’ tournaments for years. Ah well.


can you do this on your tablet or phone? or need pc for mercenary mode?

YOUR BACK !!! :grinning:

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Sure am!!! Got home yesterday xD

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Oh, this was a cute mount. I will have to give Heartstone a go then I guess.

Actually, it doesn’t. As a comparison, saying sarge can fly is the same as me holding onto a crane hook and call it flying as well.

The faerie things that pop up is what I assume is holding up the mount.

It can’t fly :frowning:

I got it now and 4 legendary cards along the way. The game mode wasn’t bad, more fun than the pvp modes for sure.

I was wondering where that mount was from

saw it in the mount collection over a week ago

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You cant fly with this mount as I thought it!

It is actually very good ! This mode is funny, I like that there is the possibility to play hero like villain gets item to impove , upgrade spell and even even unit portrait aswell as the different variety of mercenaries being playable and the fact you thought about everyone in the shop with things to buy from 5 to 20 euro.

I am not one to give props even when it is deserved but it’s really fun , I didn’t think you blizzard still had it ! Thanks for the mount too , you’ve been positevely surprising those past months !

so blizzard - i get that hearthstone is p2w game

but who in your dev department thought its a good idea to make coins you get for bounties and quests completly totaly random and going to random mercenaries including those you dont even have yet instead going for the team you are building ?

good game design ?

like how coudl you think its a good idea

pure cash grab

mount is nice though :slight_smile: thx god i dont plan to play that stuff after i got mount and tried it a bit :slight_smile: