Play the Dragonflight Free Trial This Weekend

Play the Dragonflight Free Trial This Weekend

This weekend, we’re offering returning World of Warcraft players access to all their characters so you can jump into Dragonflight together. Call your friends, rally your guild, and ride along to the Dragon Isles!

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Hi you? So I get my druid back, I like to play the druid but I end up thinking they are stinky so I am going to delete her. The access to the druid.

thank you !!!

Very nice opportunity to reunite friends in the game! Love it!

It is not working. We don’t have access to the Dragon Isles. The article said we would have access. So disappointing.


My review:

I managed to get to level 64 banked experience this way, but now I am stuck. No new quests, no way to get quests in the past Waking Shore zone. The dungeon finder has BfA dungeons for some weird reason so I can’t farm experience through there. I might try TW dungeons in a bit.

They allowed us to collect all the cyphers for Dragonflying talent tree. It took me 2 hours in total because some where put at ridiculously high places which made me bug out my character on a mountain crevice that I was afraid my character was going to be stuck there, but I made it.

Not sure if I want to buy the expansion yet, but I think that you atleast should’ve put in a dungeon or two in the dungeon finder that was relevant to the expansion instead of giving us BFA dungeons for some weird reason. We had a DF dungeon in the prepatch as example.

I would like to thank Punyelf for telling me that it was possible to mute voice actors during quests. This helped immensively and to my surprise it actually made the new zone enjoyable and the story bearable.

I enjoy dragonflying but it causes me to lagg sometimes when I turn too fast, or that I get stuck behind a tree branch or something stupid. Also I disconnected twice which caused me to go at mach speed across the entire continent unable to move until I crashed into a mountain side.

I rate it a 6/10. Not much freedom provided to allow us to explore on our own and perhaps gain a few reputations, no dungeons to queue up for. Not possible to go into the next zone despite me stomping every mob there into the ground.

I would buy it for 30 euro max.

Is this still working? Please someone let me know.

I want to get to the Dragon isles on my hunter and I don’t have the expansion

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