Player housing Instanced vs OpenWorld Poll

i don’t think open world housing can be a thing in wow. is it even a thing in other mmos ? i know it is open world in archeage but that game has way more stuff designed with it in the first place

Just make it hybrid like in GTA V online, where you can get houses that are instanced, but players have an address.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this. A feature like housing isn’t about housing itself but how all other content interacts with it. But blizzard’s policy is to isolate everything (and everyone) so they can micro manage the game experience of such a diverse audience.

Content that tries to pull all WoW players together is dead on arrival.

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Those polls are so easily manipulated though.

Although having said that people could just keep replying with alts here :dracthyr_nod:

Noticed that aswell. I also belive less people will vote, because they will have to open a link :man_shrugging:

Do you suggest me to switch back? I should only have one or the other.

Strictly speaking polls aren’t allowed

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So keeping it more discussional is probably better :wink:

People engaging in discussions about the topic is encouraged here.

Polls add a fun element, allowing us to gauge others’ perspectives. While using Strawpoll for voting doesn’t generate new replies, it will be retained for its functionality.

So i would like the house to be seen in the open world but when you enter it takes to an “instanced” place which represents inside the house.

Is this an option?

In other games where I’ve had instanced housing you’ve had the option to allow visitors. You can usually pick from invite only, friends only, guild members, anyone etc. And set permissions accordingly. Obviously you usually only want them to be able to come look, not pick anything up or move stuff or worse take it away!

Some people were very proud of what they’d done.

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i don’t think that’s what it is. that specifically says petition. which seems like we can’t draw people from here to sites like change . this is a discussion including a poll . not a petition for blizzard but you’re the green one so idk

The instanced can still show the house. But more so if it’s an apartment because then it will merely just show the front door, then you instance when you click the door.

If its an outdoor house it’s a little more tricky, perhaps you enter a neigbourhood with houses around, and you phase into your house when you reach a point?

I belive instance is your option then?

Read the words :wink: They don’t want a discussion thread which is just all replies saying yes no etc.

But as long as we actually have a discussion it’s all fine. Which we are doing. As did the other poll.

It’s nice to have some interesting discussions on the forum for a change.

The two other games I play have this as an option. People can visit and interact with objects but they cannot rearrange or take stuff. I love going to my neighbour who has an oven with a dragon in it. If you interact with the dragon it breaths fire and you can cook your food :slight_smile: Small thing I know but it gives me great pleasure doing it.

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None. It’s customisation that you’re not showing unless you openly say to people you wanna show it off. In other words, it does not innately enhance your appearance in the game world, and it draws you out of said game world.

It does not belong in an MMORPG. It never has.

Instanced, otherwise we’ll get literal suburbs of player houses (Imagine Elwynn forest, filled border to border with houses), or if the number of spaces is limited, huge competition for the best spots, and/or people plopping down the most unsightly things just to troll people.

“Spontaneous player interaction”, when has that ever happened outside of RP-servers?

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It’s funny even OSRS which is ancient these days, has player housing.

So many other games (including MMOs) have player housing it’s just a shame it’s not something Blizzard invested in. Yet!!!

I loved my garrison and wished we had more decoration. I also loved how people would open their garrisons up to let people use specific traders everyday as it was rng.

This is for people that wants player housing, as stated in the first sentence :slight_smile:

Also with this being a mmoRPG so having an RPG element such as player housing absolutely fits into the game.

You can’t determine who’s allowed to post in your threads, as is evident. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I wanted to say my piece on that. Peace.

Sure, but I have a different post just for that. My other poll, if the player wants player housing or not. :slight_smile: