Player HP in warmode and pvp

You should not be able to see the exact life a player have because it is a dead giveaway whether the character is geared or not. Let’s say if you target someone and you see a 900k hp you know that character is geared but if you see a 500k then you know it is either not scaled up or undergeared which makes people encouraged to attack more.

This is a non issue.


Yeah id have to agree, this is a none issue. Warmode is optional.


It is non issue but when you pick a fight in real life you don’t know if the opponent is an mma fighter or just an office worker.

If you know you are about to hit a professional fighter you will think twice about doing it because you will lose.

Also warmode is not optional stop saying this. There are warmode only world quests which rewards stuffs like reputation/gold and is only doable when you turn on warmode. Is it optional to turn in? Yes but you are forced to do so if you want to do wm wq’s or the sparks which also gives 1k reputation.

if you randomly pick fights in real life, i do hope you do it to an mma fighter n not an officer worker :,D

Im in warmode 100% of the time n i dont consider this a problem in the slightest because i dont look to single out “that office worker” but rather i attack virtually everything in sight like a rabid dog, im having more fun against the mma fighter in this case since i enjoy the PvP itself, im not looking to gank office workers.

Warmode is 100% optional, you dont need any of the rewards that PvP quests gives n beyond that you dont even have to do PvP to get them, just do the quests in off hours when no one is playing if you dont enjoy the risk of fighting someone who can defend themselves. For me encountering people to fight is the whole reason im in warmode.

You can’t do the warmode wqs that gives repu and gold (none of these things are pvp stuffs) without turning on warmode how is this optional? There is no option to be had. If you want the reward you have to turn in. Also as I said it is not that big issue but it is still funny that I’m less likely to be attacked when they see I have 800k hp and not 450k like on some of my alts. That is basically just taunts people into attacking you that is all I’m saying.

Gear difference between like a 430 and a 470+ pvp is crazy big and simply people feel strong when they see an undergeared opponent.

Also seeing only percentile life is also fine not sure why it would cause you a problem. You can still see their hp going down.

PvE players gets gold from existing, do a dungeon? have some gold! do a raid? gold! PvP players has no such thing, infact i´ve been forced to buy wow tokens to fund the enchantments n gems.

You make it sound as if those rewards are warmode exclusives, they are not in any way. Warmode is not “free extra rewards, no strings attached” the increase to reward is to compensate for the fact that you´re likely to get into fights along the way so its a way to mitigate the loss of time n efficency that comes with that increased risk.

You can obtain this rep n the gold from other PvE means, if you sign up to warmode to claim the warmode related rewards then thats the very definition of optional.

You could have 2 million health n i´d still run at you with drool coming out of my mouth, i enjoy the gamemode for what it is n alot of people do. Nothing against you personally but it does annoy me alot how PvE players sign up for PvP n then get upset when they encounter PvP.


what dungeons? All items at vendor is like 2 gold they nerfed them. Also if you do raiding or m+ you aren’t getting any gold you are losing thousands of golds on flasks pots etc per hour.

Health itself is just one thing the problem is that health coming from gear. To me to haev 2 million life I would have to be like 600 ilvl which means I would just 2 shot you with anything given the gear difference so you would have zero chance same as someone who has a 400k hp vs a 900k hp. It is the gear that makes it impossible to kill not the hp. All I’m sying is seeing others hp is a giveaway whether they are geared or not. When players see someone is not geared they are more likely to attack the player because of the advantage. If it was hidden it would not affect actual pvp combat whatsoever.

You only see it that way due to not PvPing, i know that fury warriors have more health even while fully geared than say a rogue. Same way i know that a warlock is going to have higher total health than a mage even when equally geared. Tons of PvE quests gives gold aswell with no risk involved, i could screenshot you several full on PvE quests right now so stop pretending like its mandatory.

You enjoy PvE, to me this debate is the same as me entering a raid n demanding all aoe stuff to be removed because i struggle seeing the fire on the floor, also we should hide the bosses actual healthbar because it makes it feel more thematic not knowing when he is defeated.

At this point you´d likely tell me to stop raiding if i dont enjoy anything related to raiding. The same applies here.

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All I’m saying is that you cannot inspect enemy target which means they don’t want you to be able to see the gear why can you see the exact life then which is also giving away the gear level.

In poker you can bluff with a weak hand and win. If they can see your cards your bluff worth nothing.

Reason behind this thread: I tried to gank someone with 500K and they turned out to be full PVP-geared and killed me :rofl:


Hmmm… I definitely see the fun in “not knowing” the strength of the enemy player. Especially considering that WM is supposed to be chaotic and unfair… :thinking:

I support this proposition :+1:


Don’t mind the trolls in here who either say it’s a “non issue”, or you post this because “you got killed, and now you are venting”.

This suggestion is completely valid, and a fun edition to WM. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but you can see if someone is jacked as hell or not, if they are athletic or not etc.
Same thing.

I supporting that!

PVP fights should be risky for both sides, at least in theory.
But if you are not geared to the max – other player will slain you just because it is 100% risk-free and no chances to be beaten.

From other side if opponent not sure about your gear there is a chance that you will be not attacked, if he just doing his quests and have no mood to travel from the graveyard.

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