Player intentionnaly griefing Alliance side of BGs

Hello, i’d like to report griefing behaviour.

This player : [Removed for Naming and Shaming]
Is griefing alliance side by going mercenary mode and intentionnaly sabotage BGS.
Proof :

Please take actions against this kind of behaviour to improve User experience.


Naming and shaming is not permitted on the forums I’m afraid.

Most reporting is done in game

You’re telling me that despite blatant proof of griefing, Blizzard can’t do anything except if i’m in the same BG match than the griefer ?

Nice to know.

PS: i apparently got silenced in the forums reporting a griefer, that tells a lot.

As you’ve been told above by Punyelf, you cannot report players through the forums. That someone may be breaking the rules does not mean you can break rules too.

Ok i can’t report the guy ingame cause he plays on the US, what do i do then ?
Cause all i hear for now is : let him grief, which is not what i call good CS.

If he plays in the US and you don’t, isn’t it up to the US players to report him?

How many US players you think happens to be on the very same BG group?

I see this as abusive mechanic.