Do you think being bought by Microsoft will improve Customer Support?

I’m tired of sword strikes in the water like this one :

And the continuously spammed LFG tool.

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WoW CS is fine.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the WoW CS of 10-15 years ago where they would come chill with you in-game and stuff, but it’s standard industry CS now.

The framework and levels of support they offer is the same you will find at EA, Amazon or any big games company.

You broke the forum rules and are upset that you were penalized? I am unsure of the issue tbh.

rubs crystal ball - future is unclear

Anyone got phil Spencers number I’ll ask him

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The CS used to be a lot better than it is now. I don’t think there is any denying that.

They don’t even seem to have any where near the powers of the GMs of old who could sort and fix so many more things for you.

I don’t mind things like the cost cutting that they don’t speak to you in game anymore. If an issue can be resolved without needing to speak to you then it’s great, however it’s super frustrating when they’ve not read the ticket properly and you have to ticket again.

I’m not sure if Microsoft taking over will be better or not. The staff aren’t changing as such. It might be that they can go back to employing more support staff but in many cases the knowledge feels to be lacking. New staff would need time in the position to build up that knowledge.

Honestly i’m wondering if they will show possible changes beforehand and have the community vote on what looks more fun/appealing like Minecraft has whenever something new is to be added now.

You broke the rules you agreed to when you joined the forums we all have to abide by them, and you have broken them again with the masked swear word.

I totally agree with you, the old ways of CS were significantly better. I used to work in CS for a large games company and we took a similar approach, we took time to investigate interesting tickets and try to give people bespoke help and advice.

I have a friend who now works in CS at Blizzo, she tells me it is very metrics driven now so I’d guess that probably is part of why it feels different for us.

The problem with it largely is, those of us that have played for 15+ years have had a great experience with CS, so now that we get the standard boilerplate, it doesn’t feel good.


I might not like the rules and I certainly dont agree with all of them, HOWEVER if I want to continue to post I have to abide by them as does everyone else includng you, its perfectly possible to put your point across without breaking the rules.

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Microsoft don’t actually own Acti-Blizz yet, do they? They have just said they are buying it.

While I see your point, do keep in mind that some parents let kids much younger than what the game usually allow to play (yes, those parents are at fault for that).

I believe also the forums are viewable without logging in so young children can come to the forum to read and possible learn bad words.

That said, a post with a lot of swearing and angry words is not something one wishes to take seriously simply because it does not come across as serious at all.

It’s also extremely easy to camouflage laziness under the fact of defending rules.

Let’s say i report a griefer by breaking the rules, convenient exemple.
We should both get punished then, how do you want people to help making the game atmosphere great if the only thing they get is : Try again and here’s a silence.

Under the terms of the all-cash sale, which is expected to go through in fiscal year 2023, Redmond, Wa.-based Microsoft will pay $95 per share to acquire Activision Blizzard, which is already the seventh-largest game publisher by revenue, according to industry analyst Newzoo.

Fiscal year 2023 or “FY 2023” means the period beginning July 1, 2022, and ending June 30, 2023.

I was talking to GGG support the other day about my acc and changing email
and that was my man 1 class customer support right there
dude was talking with me for like 1 hour till we figure out the problem :smiley:
he even helped me to destroy the old ACC so i can use my email for my new one

So I’m right, they don’t own it yet.

I thought the fiscal year started on April 1st? Or is that the financial year, I get confused.

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That’s the info I’ve seen quoted in most articles refering to this transaction.

I can’t claim to understand it myself. Even that link gives two definitions

Fiscal year 2023 or “FY 2023” means the period beginning July 1, 2022, and ending June 30, 2023.

Fiscal year 2023 means the fiscal year of the Company commencing on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2023.

You report them ingame as you were told previously. Just follow the rules its not hard.

And how do you report a player when not in the same instance as you, Einstein ?
Just read the entire ticket its not hard.

The report tool is outdated and inefficient, its not even about griefers only. It’s about bots and spammers.

“WTS sylvanas 40k” isn’t what i’m supposed to thrive for when i open the LFG.

Removing swearing from a debate/argument does not make the points that person is trying to make any less valid.

If your argument solely relies on being able to swear, it’s not really much of an argument.

Whilst I may have preferred the old system where we could type in the swearing but it appeared as symbols, I have learnt to adapt and just write the point I’m trying to make without swear words.

As Epideme points out we don’t make the rules, but we do understand that to go unpunished whe have to make our points without breaking them. That does not stop anyone from criticising any aspect of the game.

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I’m not against being punished for breaking rules.
I’m against totally dismiss the swearer point even when it’s about Game Environment Health because some 12yo can’t stand a swear word.

While we’re arguing rules, i get silenced which is fine, spammers continue to spam which isn’t, and griefers continue to laugh on people misery which isn’t.

Hope my point is clear as water.

I think most 12 year olds have a large vocabulary of swear words, it’s not really about them getting offended as such. The game has an age rating and bad behaviour like swearing is reportable. If you lose your temper in game and end up in an expletive ridden rant, you can get flagged. The smart thing is not to react in that way to strangers on the net. Don’t get baited into that reaction.

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