Playground for PvP / Arena

As the Title maybe implies. What do you think about the idea of an PvP / Arena Playground. Where you could set up Enemy Bot Comps fighting you.
Bots are around the Game, and since AI its just getting wild and more wild with each Month.

So why not using it.

  • You could learn spells and abilities
  • General Focus on CDs, etc.
  • Not to Tunnel Vision
  • Prac your DMG / Heal Rotations
  • Do something while wating for Q to Popp up

I got this Idea from Games like Apex Legends or CS2, where you can Warmup your Aim, or movment in Training ranges or Workshop Maps.
Als i think, many more People would try PvP and it would benifit to the Competitive Aspect of the Game.

What do you think about it? Do you have ideas to go even further?

You Could lear Spells and Abilities.

What you’re describing is essentially PVE.

PVP is about quite the opposite. Just learn on the job

blizzard cant even rig proper armor onto dracthyr outside barber options, i wouldnt count on it.

I feel like unrated Solo Shuffle was exactly that back in Shadowlands. And a perfect place to gear. Would’ve been so much better if they kept it that way and added some kind of modal at the end “Wanna suggest {selected players} to que some 3s?”.

Maybe not bots but it would be nice if there was something like tutorial showing basic mechanics like DR, Kicks etc.

What you are describing is recent pvp. Just queue 3s, 75% chance you fight 1.7 bots at 2.2 cause they bought a bundle pack scripts

Absolutely not referring to dhs and eles

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