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(Sighuman) #1

WoW requires a lot of time. Time that I currently don’t have.
To be on par with gear, reputations, story telling, etc, we must play, at least, some hours on a weekly (daily?!) basis.

That being said, what would you recommend for me to play??
I do have all Blizzard games, as also some Fighting games from Steam, among other stuff.

All in all, what are you guys and girls playing, with the exception of MMOs/RPGs??

(Moothilda) #2

The games you play varies a lot, so it can be a little tough to give a help in that direction :slight_smile:

Are you a computer-only gamer?

I find that some game types I prefer on consoles like playstation or Nintendo 3ds (I have just upgradede to a Swtitch too)… and some games are just better on another platform :slight_smile:

Pardon my stupidity, but I’m not sure if I understand the last sentence - do you want mmo’s/rpg’s or not? :blush:

But I can give some games I like to play, when I don’t want to be comitted or feel bound to a game, just relax :slight_smile:

Rocket League: I find this game to be one of the easiest, funniest and most time consuming games, when I start up - I only play it on my playstation, but it is also available to X-box and Steam

World of Tanks is a pvp game; you get missions you can choose to take, or you can just go in a fight - it also has holiday events and such
(I chose this vid, because Matilda is my all time fav tank in that game :yum: )

And I find my Nintendo 3ds to be one of the game stations I can relax and not feel comitted to play, but still want to play, when from start to finish when I begin :slight_smile:

It is games, where I don’t have to build up my chars, I don’t have to be online all the time and I can play the amount of time I want without feeling guilty when I have to log of because I need to go to bed :slight_smile:

(Sighuman) #3

Yes I am, and apart of Blizzard games, my other library comes from Steam - I guess I should try to paste a screenshot of my list of games…(can’t do it now, but will try to do it later).

(Sylvare) #4

Currently playing KH3, if you have played the previous parts, this one is easily the most entertaining and if you ignore the Disney attractions in combat it is slightly more difficult then previous parts

Dont expect to know what is going on if you havent played 1 or 2 (and to some extend the hand helds)

(Retierx) #5

had a great deal of fun playing through assassin’s creed odyssey recently. huge open world, enjoyable quests and gameplay, fun main characters. runs pretty badly if your computer isn’t so great, but at the same time it’s gorgeous.

(Sighuman) #6

Thanks for the replies!

Might have a look at that one or another ones from the same brand.

(Retierx) #7

i’ve not really played the earlier assassin’s creed games, but from my understanding odyssey and origins (the two most recent) are dramatically different from the previous games. i have played some of origins after finishing most of the content in odyssey but i’ve noticed i pretty strongly prefer odyssey so i haven’t played it very much.

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I have no idea how to post images - even after I have read on how to.

So, here it is a link:

(Moothilda) #9

You have Age of Empires, have you ever tried Civilization games? :slight_smile:

Ubisoft is also making a new Anno game (Anno 1800), maybe the previous games or the new could be something :slight_smile:

The Might & Magic company is making a new release this year… But I’m a bit unsure how they are making the new release :thinking:

How do you feel about the 8-bit genre? :slight_smile:
I am a huge fan of The Escapist :smiley:
You can play multiplayer in this too :slight_smile:

(Sighuman) #10

Yes I have, but I didn’t like its style.

I am going to have a look at that new Anno game.

Never heard of Might & Magic.

Not a big fan :wink: hehe!

Anyways, thanks a lot for the feedback.

(Moothilda) #11

Ah well, the marked is flooded with games - I hope you find the game that suits you :slight_smile:


Problem with many players in wow, is that they think that the game is playable at a solo level which gives a false impression that you can accomplish things alone.

However your limited to what you can reach as a solo-casual player.

Prior interaction is a must to progress whether in arena, mythics + and raids. Unless blizzard decide to add a solo queue system for these, your are limited.

If you fail to establish an interaction with other than the game is probably not for you.

(Sighuman) #13

That seemed a bit offtopic Juukiechan, since my question was/is:

So, just wondered what games is the WoW community palying apart of WoW (MMOs/RPGs) itself.

But ok!


Games huh? Well i have playing games since NES time and i bought it in autumn/fall 1988. Since when i almost own all gaming consoles and of course a good gaming pc now. Yay for my brother who built it. :smiley: I play on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Swith and PC between all kind of games.

(Sighuman) #15

Could you specify a bit when it comes to PC games?!


I am currently playing a bit of Fighting games, such as, DragonBall FighterZ and/or JumpForce.


Well my Steam account have tons of MMORPG games because that is one of my biggest favorite genre of all time. (have over 100 games on Steam). I started with PSO on Dreamcast many years ago. Then i have Uplay, EA Orgins accounts as well. I actually writing a list of all games i own but it takes time.


You can check that out…

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