Playing DH I think about removing subscription to wow

I dont think it’s just me… Being force to move around the meta Blizz trowed me in make me sick.

Why do they have to make momentum build useless ? It’s probably the easiest ting to blanace in the world just increasing the momentum buff or duration XD. Im ok with other class being good but I tought they were trying to balance things out… The more and more they try they just do worst …


In 9.1.5 we had a lot of choice in builds, and the double legendary + tier set took that away from us. On top of that the tier set is also underwhelming compared to other classes, the 4pc barely makes an impact at all.

I hate using movement spells for damage, the game just isn’t made for it, especially in M+. Fel Rush is also still bugged and is incredibly unreliable in distance traveled and forward momentum kept at the end.

I really like DH, but they always manage to gut it somehow :frowning:


I guess they are making an example out of “We made this class to be mobile and easy, so we make it mobile and easy!”

I have a DH lvl 60 and by the time it was 50 I was already bored of tanking and DPSing… It is so over simplified too the point of just bieing completely auto-macroable.

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That’s okay, you don’t have to like it.


Yea fel rush is bugged and made me agro without warning and wiping my team. It’s true the game is not design for this and that’s why they should keep it being good as its tricky to play. I think everything you just said is true. I just feel I once again have to do what blizz as decided for my character for this patrch when they are allways skeeping the demonic build alive all teh time at least for DH which is the most boring to me but not Momentum that is really standing out and should be a must for the class…

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If it was meant to be easy, everyone would be playing it. DH had it good for far too long, it’s about time they were brought down a peg.

There is a difference in bieing easy, and bieing fun. I for one hate playing DH because it littarly only fills 1/4th of my actionbars while Warrior fills all slots…

I lvld my DH too level 60 playing dps and tank and by the time I was 50 I was utterly bored off it…
It is by far the eassiest MELEE class.
For RANGED this would be hunters, which are super super super over populated.

Xd massive flat % buff to buttons is underwhelming? Have you tried playing unholy?

I have not, why should I?

No particular reason, friend. Just for perspective’s sake, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Veng dh for sure isnt easyer then other tanks cause we squishy af , less skills doesnt mean easy when u have to manage them way more as other tanks or you dead, same with DDs my dk or lock isnt harder to play, literally every class is easy if you know the basics

I used to play prot warrior, I can say prety convinced that this trashcan tank excuse is the highest APM tank atm :sweat_smile:

Very true though, especially if they keep gutting classes every xpack…

Id love to agree with you, but every class now fills up 1/4 of a action bar and goes basically nowadays.

As much as id love to see DH get a proper mechanic surrounding metamorphsis.

I cant see the situation improving given blizzard develope around the lowest denominator.

Given that evoker looks to have some clear depth, so maybe some hope?

I have 3 action bars full of stuff :ok_man: