Playing from your own computer that you are not at


So I’ve read about the ban on cloud gaming, and it kind of makes sense in a security aspect.
But they always mention 3rd party cloud gaming, so I’m wondering if it is okey if I have a computer at home, that I physically own stream the game to my laptop?
I only ask because I’m in the hospital and only have a chromebook, and as such wonder if this would be okey?
In other words I’m talking about sharing my home pcs screen with my laptop.

Best Regards Yggdrazil

(Dottie) #2

I have tried this and you need a really good connection to do it. It’s not like streaming a movie.

Even on my 1gb home network it’s awful.



Technically speaking this would still be in violation of the terms of use, as you are not physically accessing the computer that is running the Blizzard Launcher and World of Warcraft.

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