Playing naked?Now what is wrong with Blizzard?


Please dont compair us to the tourist’s.
Thanks you.

As for the question.
Blizzard probley thought it was a good idea to empower the tourist.
We had slug mogs for years now.
It is only the logical step.

Beside i hear miss golden inlfuence is increasing.
And with her being a sjw.
Classic cant come fast enought.
Anything an sjw touches dies.
Proven fact.

(Nagrash) #23

My nips are sensitive and need freedom ok!

I’m glad Blizzard listened to me.


Well I’m a cow after all, why not.


Don’t hate me 'cause I’m beautiful…

(Brigante) #27

Unlikely, we wish you off-realmers would stop using Goldshire as a place for your weird fantasies. Goldshire is pretty much known as ‘Asterisk town’ because everyone there is from a different realm. Could you just not? Could we have a town in our realm back please, instead of you creepy sex tourists? It is just very odd for someone from a different realm to comment on Argent Dawn’s Goldshire, when it is a problem caused by people on other realms not wanting to be discovered…


I don’t know what the fuss is about. I’ve been running round without gear for ages.

It’s not a transmog.

I literally do not wear any gear apart from neck, rings, trinkets and weapon. Before Legion I did not even use a weapon.


The cliche of Argent Dawn… look at me, even as DH you barely see any skin.

The kinky boys at Goldshire don’t even use mog most the time, they just remove the gear from their lvl 1 or 20 character.


And here i thought aphantasia was a modern day myth…


Kultiran male looks great shirtless loool

Whats wrong with that big shiny bom bom ?

(Ishayu) #33

Yes, let’s pretend World of Warcraft is a single-player game where other players’ choices don’t matter at all.

Why does this argument keep coming up?


Powerman fantasies !
To be honest I love how Kul Tiran males are designed.


Yeah, me too… they feel very polished and unique. Same goes to zandalari.


Yeah i play naked too, but sometimes my notebook gets to hot

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Poor quality bait.