Playing WoW on Linux using Lutris / Wine

Hi All,

Been playing WoW on Windows but considering switching to Linux. I am aware that it is possible to do this via Lutris + Wine.

Please can you let me know if this would breach any Blizzard TOS or get my account banned?

I have played WoW on and off for a very long time and the last thing I want is to get my account banned.

Please let me know if this is allowed or if not I will keep playing on Windows.


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WoW is only supported on Windows and MacOS (and was only designed for these operating systems), so running it on any other platform than those carries the risk of things breaking rather badly. It is however not inherently forbidden to do so - we’d just not be able to help if it doesn’t work, akin to all other situations where the official requirements of the game aren’t being met.

To put it differently: if you can make the game run on a potato-powered calculator, that’d be cool - we’d just not get involved if that turns your potato into fries. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply Veadsarias!

Just to clarify playing WoW on Linux via Lutris + Wine won’t get my account banned, however as Linux is not a supported operating system if I encounter any bugs or problems with the game you will not be able to assist.

Is the above correct? :slight_smile:

That is correct: any bugs you may find in Linux are completely for your own entertainment only. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Just the answer i was looking for myself (prepping my Linux partition in case Windows 12 isn’t available yet in 2025 when Windows 10 gets discontinued). As the Proton/Lutris/Bottles movement of playing Windows games on Linux keeps getting momentum, would it be an idea to put this statement in a FAQ on the support site? That while not officially supported, running WoW on a non Windows platform is NOT considered a rules infraction.

This is especially important in the light of Blizzard’s profound dislike of cloud gaming platforms and refusal to get into business with one, leaving no other alternative for those of us who absolutely do not want to run another odd Windows release on their PC.

Thank you, I’ll take my questions elsewhere then.