Plea for not rushing TBC content

The argument was never for the raid quality but

It doesn’t matter what the average casual wants, the average casuals are playing the game less and lose nothing from not being able to raid day one. Why do you have this mentality that you need to be walking through the door of a new raid on day one?

A month ago 5000 guilds had already killed Magtheridon, people are so overgeared for entering T5 that it’s going to be a complete walkover, it wasn’t designed for people in full T4 BIS to enter after months of farming Kara/Gruul/Maggy.

The average player has the spending power.
Average player is slower = slower content.
Why do you have this mentality that you need to dictate the content pace?

Its TBC, TBC never consisted of 3 months farming Magtheridon, it certainly didn’t consist of “oooh billy has just about levelled his mage after 2 months and is just starting Karazhan, we should wait for little billy because he won’t be T4 BIS geared for another 5 months yet and heavens forbid he does T5 in blues like everyone else in 2007”

Little billy can raid at his own pace, the hundreds of thousands of players who have had Maggy on farm for at least a month and who are quitting left right and centre from boredum can get their T5 release, it’s already 2 months too late if we’re meant to be playing TBC.

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TBC lasted 1 year and 10 months, enjoy the ride.
If you can’t control your sweat there’s other games for in between.

Just commenting for this. Yes.

Nobody is sweating with 30mins of raid content a week.

And TBC also had more content on release. It’s not about being sweaty, the average player has most of their bis by now on their main, only super casuals need another 3 months to prepare for the next phase.

If you are a casual, average or whatever you want to call it, player what difference does it make to you when the content is released? Does it hinder you and your like minded group of people to progress in the pace you wish to do?

I can keep repeating myself, but casuals are amusing themselves fine ingame while the sweaties are whining here for P2.
Enjoy the whine, Blizz won’t listen.

Casuals are amusing themselves fine? All I hear from casuals is complaints they can’t get tanks for dungeons and how they are going to quit because of “X, Y, Z” reason. And the “sweaties” who have 30 mins of gameplay a week, raid logging while they wait for content.

You’re delusional, but keep repeating it to yourself if you want.

TLDR, we dont care. WE need more stuff to do in this dam game we pay for. If u didnt join TBC at the start for whatever reason. That is on you.


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Maybe stop paying for it temporarily and enjoy FF14. But no, everyone’s gotta hear how pathetic you are at amusing yourself.

kekw very well. now you know. shut up about it

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ok mr. forum tough guy

Considering phase 2 will be being tested soon on the PTR, it’ll be soon.
Likely end of August/September time.

Phase 2 is mostly just the content that was out on release of TBC.

rushing to fight against other games releases seems activi$ion meta

fing retail tourist go back to where you came from

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Are you clueless or what?

T4 - Is 3 extremely easy bosses in 2 tiny raids with almost no trash
T5 - Is 5-10x the difficulty with 10 bosses across 2 huge raids with a tonne of trash.
T6 - Similar to T5 difficulty, except 14 bossess across 2 even larger raids with even more trash.
Za - Is a filler raid, comparable with Karazhan. Released after T6, offering T5 quality loot.
Sunwell - Is 2x the difficulty of anything before it, 6 time gated bosses in a massive raid with a tonne of trash.

T4 is no content, the other tiers are massive content patches. T4 is extremely easy, easy enough that we beat it in blues and greens. T5 + T6 will be a lot more challenging for the average guild, and Sunwell will be too hard for the average guild. You seem to have no clue about anything TBC related, to understand that T5 was launch content for a good reason.

ZA is phase 4.

You have no clue period.
Blablabla weeeeh retail kid