Please add custom Umbrella of Chi-Ji equip pose

So to start this with, I think the Umbrella of Chi-Ji is one of the most interesting off-hands in the game, and it is also the oldest umbrella we have, added in Mists of Pandaria.
Now that more and more off-hands are becoming visible or having a unique look (like the Forbidden Truth), wouldn’t be pretty fantastic if your characters pose changed when you had this equipped or transmogged?

And what I mean by this, we have umbrellas as toys for you to hold up for a short duration outside of combat that will give you slowfall, but why not use this pose as the standard for Umbrella of Chi-Ji?

Of course there would be limits, like you would not see it in combat, just like any of the umbrella toys, and wouldn’t benefit from slowfall, but still I think it would add a lot of flavour to the world of Off-hands that you generally do not see.

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