Please add Demon Hunter form customization

Could you please give demon hunters two forms? Like the Worgen and Dracthyr have. This would be purely cosmetic and you would be able to switch between them at will whenever you want as well as fight in both forms.

One would be just a normal elf with perhaps one or both eyes Fel glowing. The other form would be the current Demon Hunter customization. With horns, fel features and such. But also with optional visible wings and optional hooves perhaps, and an optional demonic tail. And please add some more horn types. For example, horns that arc backwards and upwards like most Dracthyr horns.

We could have a lot of fun with this I think, please consider this. Thanks.


No -.- … I am sorry but just plain and simply no.

Demon hunters already have two forms. Their normal demon hunter one… And the metamorphis full demon elf one.

You want them too super sayian turn into their demon hunter looks from an ordinary elf like a super transformation… But that conflicts allot with current demon hunter lore…

To become a demon hunter. A demon hunter has too defeat and consume a demon… The more they do this? The more they transform and change… Hence the horns and claws and green eyes.

No they can’t just look like an ordinary elf and just super sayian turn into a Demon elf… that goes against every currently developed and established Demon hunter lore.

A demon hunter literally combats defeats and posses a demon… rather than the other way around. Doing this gives them horns and green eyes and demon features.

No to switching between forms. But yes to be able to customize the metamorphosis form.


Only if they can look like a Gnome to buzz around their victims like an annoying gnat;

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