Please allow Ally migration

Blizzard, please consider allowing allies to change serwer… i am lvl 39 , and apart from lvling inside instances, I can’t play in open world whatsower, each ship or quest hub is ganked by a group of 60s, that despite getting no honor from me, enjoy killing repeatedly. I enjoy pvp when i have a chance at wining or running. I don’t want to lvl inside instances, and I can’t play in open world, what to do? unsubscribe and wait till battlegrounds?

The more of the Alliance that leave, the more the ones who stay will be screwed.

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The thing is, not every1 was able to get to 60 when there were layers and ppl were occupied with lvling, I would love for blizzard to come with a solution to the imbalance problem, but right now I can’t play, like literally in some zones i was griefed for 20 minutes, each time ressurecting a bit further and further… spirit rezzing in some zones isnt a solution, coz the graveyards are camped too.

its a horde server, but on the other hand you are lowlvl. Just reroll brother.

It’s the exact same Horde side, we have a bunch of players (me included) who didn’t get to 60 in time.
But hey, we knew what we were getting into, no point complaining about it now.

Oh the density.

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