Please at a (ground) Snake/Serpent Mount

I’d like to trow this idea out there.
Maybe for a trading post mount, or even a Store mount.

We have had quite a few beast species, as mounts, over the years.
But never did we get a Snake (ground) mount.

Slithering, like the tail movement of the male naga , so the mechanics are already in place.
(see toy: Bones of Transformation)

I’d like to see myself sitting ontop of a Giant Cobra, on his head.
As Goku sits ontop of his Nimbus Cloud.

It would work really well with all the Snake Staffs & Snake Bows, aswell as the Snake Pets & Companions.


Are you trying to become Orochimaru :joy:

There are wyrm/worm type mounts - one of mine is slightly snake like, ok it has worm in the name :grinning:
… they could expand on it to make a snake mount … :thinking:

@Nilari You did see me saying “ground” mount, yes?

And a parasitic worm isn’t my idea of a snake/serpent.

If you want something for reference, I like the Voldun Cobra’s a lot.
But even the Wailing Cavern cobra’s look better as snakes than the worms.

@Wolfram more Gods of Egypt than Naruto, but yeah, why not.
You can sit on Scorpions, why not snakes?

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