Please Can We Get Barber Shop Customization For Pet

It’s long overdue, and there is so many cool varieties of undead creatures that would make cool looking DK pets.

Please could we get some love?


hahahaha… NO

We summon vanilla and WOTLK zombies only, like the neglected class we are…

PS: I agree with you
PPS: Overhaul all of DK, including animations, class specific customisations.


Never thought about this option. Very cool idea! Would be great to have the versions of
Vile Monstrosity
Apocalypse minion
Army of the dead

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they should bring back raise sludge belcher all they need to do is replace feasting strikes as no one pick this talent
also when belcher is taken our talent all will serve should replace the skeleton for two nerubian crypt stalkers.

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Any other company that makes games would just add this no problem… its like this company doesnt add sh1t unless we ask for 400 years. We pay 13 euro’s for a month sub we buy the new expansion when it comes out… and literally path of exile adds more to their games than this company and that game is free… It just doesnt add up AT ALL this should be fanservice that they automatically add suddenly in a patch dont have to fuarking wait for 3 expansions to get anything. Im so tired of this company and their unwillingness to give anything to us unless it can be monetized somehow. They are insanely greedy and somehow very very detached from their fanbase.

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I also find it funny how people at home on their own PCs can remodel and make legitimate spell animations for WoW, but it apparently takes an army of artists at Blizzard to do the exact same thing (if not worse quality).

Human & Blood Elf Paladin’s charger mount is still the Vanilla version in retail. Meanwhile -


Tomkek is pretty entertaining to watch. Love how he updates old models. He’s done paladin Judgement set too which looked awesome. I’m hoping he will do our Sanctified Scourgelord set at some point.


i do wish blizzard would go back to some old tier armor and give them the HD treatment just imagine tier 8 being fully covered in 3d asset making the entire set pop off and look even more menacing or t10 looking more beefed up whit visuals and 3d asset added on.


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