Please change transmog set acquisition

Dear all

I play DF for quite some time now. Since I have been max level i raid heroic Vault weekly and most of the time I am the only cloth user in raid.

By now you would guess I have the whole heroic cloth Ensemble for Priest unlocked?


I wish Blizzard would change the way we aquire Transmog while it is current content.

Currently it is funny that the most demanding skin, the PvP Elite, is unlocked easier than the normal PvP.
On the other hand for me it is impossible to acquire the LFR Skins because I won’t even be allowed to roll on Gear there …
I know that I can sacrifice my gear progression and go out of my way to slowly acquire one piece of transmog per week over the next 22 weeks. Doen’st seem right since again the ELITE is actually the easiest to get.
To change I have something in mind simillar to the PvP Elite Gear.

For example some ideas up to discussion:

Clear every Boss on raid difficulty XY or kill 20 Bosses on raid difficulty XY => Unlock the XY Ensemble
Farm 10k Conquest points => Unlock the normal PvP Ensemble
2500 Raider IO => Unlock the full Mythic Ensembe
2000 Raider IO => Unlock the heroic Ensemble

and so on…

tldr: I wish there would be something like the Elite Gladiator Ensemble for PvE Sets and the normal PvP Set.

Well currently you can get both normal and heroic set super easy by converting the gear tokens you get by farming forbidden reach rares. That or if you have lot of storm sigils unsused and just being there, you can buy the primal storm gear at base level, upgrade it to 385, convert that to tier piece and you get normal appearance. Then you can upgrade it to heroic appearance with the forbidden reach upgrade item, which upgrades to gear to 395.
And that’s how I got all the remaining normal and heroic appearances for my hunter and am currently farming the gear tokens for my alts to do the same.

I’m still farming bits and pieces

LFR atm is I feel like hardest appearance to get. :smile:

Well, that’s because it is the most demanding(time-limited) version. So it is more ensured that it will be acquired.

There, answer solved.

Raids don’t go away. You can get the transmogs years later even from Raids.

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