Please Delete - no longer needed

(Rouxa) #1

Please delete, thread no longer needed.

[H] 2 Players Looking for a Relaxed Mythic Guild
(Rouxy) #2

Still looking for a healer and DPS to join us for Mythic BoD!

(Rouxa) #3

Now looking for a mistweaver for our mythic team.

(Rouxy) #4

Still looking for another healer - ideally mistweaver!

(Rouxa) #5

2/9 mythic now - recruiting healers and dps!


Still needing a healer and a couple more dps.

(Rouxa) #7

Now 3/9 M - still looking for more to join the team.


High priority for a Demon Hunter :slight_smile:

(Rouxa) #9

Still looking for more for Opulence progression!

(Rouxy) #10

Looking for more solid DPS, will consider any class except Warlocks at the moment!

(Rouxa) #11

Updated our recruitment wish list.