Please do not release battlegrounds until weekly update

To whomever may be reading this at Blizzard, battlegrounds are scheduled for launch on the week of Tuesday the 10th.

With them will come far more accelerated honor gains and render much of the open world honor gained this week less valuable, it’d make sense to schedule the release of EU battlegrounds with the EU honor calculations and reset, as to not upset the week of long grinding some have undertaken with sudden honor inflation on the final day before reset.

If possible could some clarification be given as to whether or not the Battlegrounds will launch globally or region based at honor reset be given?

thank you for your time.


Yea blizzplebs dont screw us !

ignore the worgen dk dis is the real me

I highly second this. This will be a massive slam in the face to some of us.

Either announce its release before Tuesday or Release after the reset.

The vagueness about this for EU is kind of annoying. Be specific at least Blizz.

Personally I would prefer to get the BG’s as soon as possible since it would make the game more enjoyable for me, but regardless of when it happens it should be announced ASAP.

Like blizzard would give a sh.t about some people’s honor gains when they even let servers die out.

We agree.

On all realms in this region, we’re going to deploy the patch during regular maintenance (3:00 a.m. CET), and we’re going to turn on battlegrounds later with the weekly reset at 8:00 a.m. CET.


Why did your customer support on twitter say you would release them in Europe on the 10th? Do you guys not communicate?

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pikachu face
They tend to copypasta the NA announcements.
Wouldn’t surprise me if they sometimes leave it to people with no knowledge of the game itself and just work there for a paycheck.

Or interns.

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Another proof blizz is the best company, haters read and weep blizz cares about us and knows whats best

Ur biggest fan: Kork!!

Why didnt honor reset today? im still getting yesterdays honor in my honor pane.

What the hell dude I have been waiting for 5 hours for BGs.
Please do better communicating things like that in advance in the future.

Thank you for the clarification and communicating this, much appreciated :)!

@Kork Another proof that Blizzard using the comments for their own purpose because they are incompetent to do what they promised.

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Blizzard have a job to do bro just sending positivity unlike all yall who just bully the game makers when u play the game shame on yall they make a game they are successful and yet un employ babys sit online cry on the one with the hand who feed and BITE THE HAND cmon its holidays its snow its love in air so stop hate blizz star love game
Or mby spend some time with family yall

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