Please do something

There is nothing to say more. I am currently 3484 M+ Rating UH DK. Made this rating with pugs. Maybe for you folks this seems like end-game or like “finished the game already” but it is not. In last 2 days noone pick me in their groups. Let me explain more, you guys can think about DK’s damage but its not about its damage. I am easily outparse everyone. The main problem DK having is other classes have MASSIVE utilities if you compare with DK. I don’t know how things going on in PvP but it is easy to balance classes in PvP. Why developers buffed Retribution Paladin that MUCH? Why DPS Paladin have a CR with more utilities. Of course when they see a Ret Pala queing his key he will just pick him up instead of DKs. This get me bored and tired. DK DPS has lowest playing rate for months, years. As a M+ player please do something. Its enough for me folks. Do something. Make a reason for picking DK DPS in keys. Rework, buff something. It is unplayable now. For people who will say “just play with your friends” its not that easy. We have IRL life also so everyone can’t be there at the same time. Hard to get friends at 3.5K rios as an UH DK so problem is same. I am not saying that nerf Ret Paladins or something else. I am just saying that DK DPS needs utilities or rework for reason to picking in a key.


you should.
some of them bozos come on our forum and argue, without irony, that they have had it worse than us, they come here and call the 300% damage rime proc OP, they come here and argue that their place in the Wow ecosphere is the worst etc etc.

i may sound like an hypocrite, but most other classes that whine about suddenly being a little on the downswing and chalk it up as being worse than anything before have not even played DK for one patch or one expansion, the bullcrap we have had with our class, the complete disdain for our design and gameplay, for more than 7 years now… might even be 10 years if you really stretch it.

but they will NEVER understand just how dark our reality is with this class, and i dont care if people make emo linkin park references to how i am exxagerrating, to that i say to any bozo that challenge me on this, PLay DK for 2+ patches then, or an expansion, do PvP, PvE, tanking, M+ as Deeps or tank, Arena, BG’s. THEN you come back here and tell me how it went, i dont even care if you do it with friends that can “carry” you, you will see just how little impact you have in many things.


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