Please enable drums in blitz mode

It does not matter how many mages and shams u got they never use bl, not sure how big skill cap clicking x1 button is but it’s frustrating, enable drums then i can atleast use it.

Better solution would be to just disable lust in blitz mode becouse the team that use it will always win the fight.

Disable bloodlust instead.
It’s the same rules and restrictions like in rated but bloodlust is an exception for no reason.


There were no reason to bring a Mage / Shaman / Hunter / Evoker dps before in RBG because they were unable to bring Bloodlust while other class utility could be used

That was why it was always the same spec that was taken in top RBG and never changed

Now with bloodlust avaiable There is no reason to refuse X classes because his ability are not avaiable in ranked battlegrounds

Also Bloodlust allow to speed the game faster and make teamfight matter more than ninjacap everytime, making the game more strategic than “make ennemy waste time in teamfight so they can’t mount up and defend versus ninjacap strat”

Bloodlust was a great change

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