Please fix Ferocious bite damage

800k in 2 globals?

And guy isn’t even geared yet, can’t wait to update this post with some 500k+ screenshot in a week or two if nothing is done

Guy is literally running around like a headless chicken until stun DR is over then spams cyclones and then goes for a 100-0 guaranteed kill if ur healer gets cloned

Please. Fix. This damage. I would genuinely prefer to face a Sub Rogue because at least their damage is a lot more balanced

You are guaranteed dead in maim which is already one of the longest stuns in the game

Bite needs to lose at least 10% damage


Reminds me of when feral got a 35% buff on all damage in the last season of Legion and they were just playing double druid :rofl:

Sub isn’t even good unless you play with mage now though.
Assa is where it’s at!

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Why do the feral devs always loop back to the spam bite builds? The entire player puddle left of ferals keep crying out ‘‘Make our bleed dot spec a dot spec again’’

Ok sir, heard you loud and clear, here are 8 new talents to buff bite damage and a flat nerf to rip


Bite literally kills you 100-0 (supposed bleed / rot spec)
Assa rogue probably gonna hit ppl for 600k kingsbane this season (bleed / rot spec)

whats next on the menu

maybe we need a new affliction warlock spell thats instant and does half ur health bar, for science

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what about ww monks with the new 2set boni? xD

its not only the dmg, its more likely the sub rogue playstyle

wouldnt do much 10% is nothing, problem is bite does too much, and bleed does noodle dmg

but they have adressed the issue for the next expansion

instead of finisher moves like Ferocious bite
so they can buff bleeds without buffing Ferocious bite in the same time,

i doubt they will bring changes for season 4

this was a thing in season 1 and 2 after ssn3 there was no point to play double druid because the synergie between disc and feral was way better, and Healing touch spec from druid got nerfed over time

u saw in the first 1-2 Seasons only rdroods cuz not a single healer was be able to heal as much as a rdruid

but rdruid feral was really broken, also because of the fact that u stacked thorns and thorns was broken in legion

i doubt the gear will be so crazy that everyone does 100-120k + more hits

i think it will be more of a 420-430k and keep in mind u also will get more hp with gear, Heal evoker will be more of a problem with full gear and legendary weap.

cuz they couldnt find the balance between bleeds and bite dmg “most likely for pve reasons” and because of the mastery

in the next xpac, mastery also buff lunar aspiration and rake will do more dmg outside of incar/stealth

preservation evoker keeps your team allive until 2025


This made me laugh :joy:

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so ww monk dmg is fine? got it

Did i say that?

it sounds like it xd

Not really. Pointing out whataboutism doesn’t mean the thing that got chosen for the whataboutism is in any way fine.

eh i dont know what the “propaganda tactical thing” have to do with a Forum post

it´s just a straight fact. And you shouldn’t ignore other circumstances, otherwise you’ll end up like you, who posts a new class almost every day as the new top op class, because u ignore every other class in the first place, for me i have more classes in mind, then just one when i think about “a class is op”

i also could make a post about that close to every comp above 2k mmr have a boomy in the team

and when it comes to wow, i think “Fotmtism” is worse than Whataboutism (for me atleast)

Trying to deflect from your own class being OP in some way by pointing to another as in “that is more important! Watch that class and not mine!”

That’s great. Feel free to open a thread for all of them. Right now you’re just highjacking a thread about your own class. I will never understand that pseudo argument of “what about other classes, why you don’t you open threads for them?!”. Well, i do. But this one is dedicated to this specific class.

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It’s easy to cherry pick my post, luckily the WW Monk screen wasnt the only thing what i said about the current situation when it comes to Fb, It was a comparison that the class is not the only class that can run high crits so it isnt a “only feral problem” (was just an example of the current problem)

also not true, cuz i pointed out, what the Problem about Fb is. I didn’t even say that the bite crit is low

do you even know what highjacking means? because it doesnt make sense if you had read my whole thread

i pointed out, what the Problem of Fb is, why it is like that, and also that we wont see any changes in the budget Season 4 cuz it´s the end of a xpac.

i just pointed the issue out, instead saying “yo is op, thats it” without saying why, and how this can be fixed

thats the main problem what i have with your Threads (no personal flame) but u say Xz i op, and then “his main ability” does too much dmg NERF!

this is so one-sided and if blizz would think like that, half of the classes wouldnt be even close to be playable, because dmg isnt everything, theres also Survivability balancing, the utility balancing when it comes to controll/cc etc

Deriving everything from a damage spell is simply one-sided

For example i couldnt compare a warri with a feral currently because warri is a brawler and feral a tactician

Tactician specs are specs what kill in a Set up go, and Have a High Dmg Spike in a Short amount of Time, Like Sub Rogue, Ww Monk, Feral

Yes they have Higher Dmg spikes than a Warri, Shadow Warlock, but they do also have less Overall Dmg. (except ww monk, cuz he is a bit overperforming with the new tier set) (pvp balance issues cuz pve nothing new :slight_smile: )

If it was the US forum I would have done it a long time ago tbh, especially when it comes to the “Cyclone QQ Threads” where Cyclone wants to be mitigated without any compensation or compromise

these peoples have just a Attention span of a goldfish, and need a Forum thread what have a 60 sec TikTok with temple run in the background, while explaining why something is the way it is, or what causes the problem

There is a difference between a QQ class Defending post, and a Pointing out “why it is like that”

The current problem with ww is that their 2 set bonus is bugged as in not nerfed which is why their damage is through the roof.

dw, i don’t take any offence here.

Yeah but i’m not a dev and the best i can do is complain here when something is clearly broken. How to fix that is on Blizzard, they get paid for that.

Then go there. I post there too sometimes, doesn’t even require an active NA sub for some reason.

Ähm… yeah. But saying “what about class x” is not pointing out why something is like anything. It’s just trying to deflect from your own class.

I’m just a fan of staying on topic and pointing to another class in a thread that is dedicated to class x is literally just derailing.

XD i forgot that we are still playing the beta

but why are getting classes like boomy/pres evoker ignored

how? do i have to make a free trial account there, and i can write on the us forum?

the thing is, i made a post about both classes, it wasnt only about ww monk, i also said WHY it is like that

absolutely true


no bro

nerf ferocious bite

i dont die to windwalkers on any class i play because they have a predictable setup with very long stun and burst downtime

feral = ok i die every 20s, and have to spam stop cyclones with precog paranoia inbetween

so no

people need to understand something in this game

classes with multiple stuns which are 4 seconds or longer can kill you every 18 seconds

every other class’s stuns are not important enough, so people can trinket them for fun and uptime

windwalker sweep = insta trinket nobody cares now take 99 CC spells on ur serenity
dh stuns = insta trinket nobody cares get some ketchup in ur face with micro cc
warrior stuns = insta trinket for uptime nobody cares
same for dk stun
hunter stun
demo stun


trinket kidney shot, lasso or maim for fun

yes u are dead very soon and there’s little u can do about it

also fixed global cooldowns on some melees vs real GCDs on others

rogue has fixed minimum 1s GCD even if u have 0% haste

this means a rogue will always have 3 globals to use within a cheapshot or 4 within a kidney

if i have say 1.30 gcd as another melee, with my trash 3 second stun, i have 1.7 seconds to use damage, meaning only 1 damaging spell and a second one when the stun has already ended

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This isn’t even remotely true. A Rogue wont kill you every kidney without popping some sort of offensive cooldown… if you trinket any CC “for fun” vs a WW you die in the next stun, its the same as a sub rogue. Trinket before blades, well you die. The problem with sub is both bomb and duel existing.

I’m not sure how “instant trinket nobody cares” can be put in the same post as “you must trinket serenity”. You’re literally saying you must trinket the serenity go to not die, how is that “nobody cares”?

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Still waiting for season 3 essence break nerf :slightly_smiling_face:

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