Please improve public orders to contracts

I personally hate the crafting order system. But if you insist with it, at least improve the public orders. let us to public crafting contracts like

Contract opener :
-has to provide mats
-set commission
-set contract cost
-set rarity
So any crafter who wishes to take the contract first pay the contract price, and if the contract is completed successfully, takes back to contract cost and the commission, and yet if he/she fails to do so, they can either complete my recrafting themselves with their mats, or fail the contract and the contract giver will receive the contract’s cost.

what i wanted to achieve here, is to give more sense to public orders as they are mostly “do this 40k priced item for 1g for me”. public orders at this point is completely useless. i have 7 professions and the only public order i do is weekly draconic profession knowledge with inscription because it’s only about 300g and people don’t bother requesting it on Trade since they don’t have quality.

I am tried of people asking for 30k just so they can hit a button for an item that has a total mat cost of 500 because they can and i have no other option to get it. People who are already rich at this point just asking for more, and others who already don’t have enough gold for anything has to pay an unreasonable amount because there is no other options.

at least back then without crafting orders, the demand set the prices in AH, and an item with low demand would cost less. and yet now everything cost 30k, and with less demand they increase prices because they are trying to get more gold and nothing else. which makes the progression impossible for the new starters / returners

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Sorry but 30-50k for what??? I tried getting 15k for something the other day and someone complained (I was testing the water with the new season) so I’ve reverted back to 10k!

Public Orders feel like a complete scam for the Crafter, specially Tailoring and the Chronocloth Bags, they pay crafters like 10G for Material that Cost like 2K.

I know, i know “You don’t have to complete the orders tho”, noone does, but they just reopen the Order every two days, so they never go away, which sucks if you’re trying to find atleast someone with a genuine offer.

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