Please make "Bodyguard Miniaturization Device" work on new bodygaurds


Hi i dont know where put this topic to be heared by blizzard but ppl help me to make it true!

Bodyguard Miniaturization Device not work on all bodyguardians.

Bodyguards from nazjatar are super annyoing in normal size, and toy should work on all bodyguards in game! :slight_smile: Right now this toy works only for draenor bodyguardians when this help so much on others.

Who is with me?! :smiley:

(Punyelf) #2

I’m guessing this is more of an Alliance issue atm as all the Kelpin are the size of goblins :laughing:

Would be great if we could always use that toy on bodyguards though, I agree :slight_smile:


Among many more “alliance issues” in the forums :rofl:


and i will add this toy dont have any texts like “works only in draenor” :slight_smile:

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