Please make crafted armour/weapons BoE so we can list them on the AH

I’ve made virtually no gold this expansion with my blacksmithing or any other profession I’ve leveled. The only gold I’ve made is gold I’ve saved by making things for myself. I feel like this new system is flawed.

Maybe make it so players can buy armor and weapons off the AH and use crafting orders to add embellishments, change the stats, upgrade the rank, or upgrade with sparks? Make it so we can craft rank 1 gear and weapons without the use of a spark perhaps?

Having everything locked behind this new system removes the possibility of players making impulse purchases etc and totally obliterates profit margins and crafter incentive.

Am I the only one that thinks something urgently needs to be done to improve this system? I think it’s bonkers that it made it past beta. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading


And why do you think that with the prices of epics would not drop below the mat prices like other crafting items on the ah?

The difference this expansion has been the region wide AH, and the fact that crafting is competitive. Only a handful of players that maximize stats/builds or players that take their time to spam trade make gold.

If you are not competitive to make gold now, I do not see how you will be competitive by having everyone be able to sell epics to the AH (which will help goblins more).

Not really, I think that the system could be improved in 3-4 places, but overall it was a success. I played the crafting game first patch and saw what you needed to do to make gold. Now I just chill and if I need gold, I farm materials.

If you want to make gold this expansion as a casual, the only way is to do the world quests, which actually give you a good amount per character each week.

The only thing that I will agree on, is that in this expansion, there is no good intuitive way for people to “make gold” like old expansions. On old expansions you had your callings (that gave several k gold), mission tables (that either gave gold, or materials that you could sell for a good sum), or other events. This expansion has a weekly, and plain old WQ (that still give a good amount of gold, but are boring).


In the kindest way possible, skill issue.

I sold loads of alchemist trinkets in season 1, many sporecloaks through tailoring, elemental power pots back when they weren’t tradeable.

Like, people are spamming /2 all day looking for crafters, people sometimes just put gold on the public orders for a single click.

Equally, I spend god knows how many thousands of gold crafting gear for my main.


Any item that can currently be listed on the AH from DF professions can get multi-craft and resourcefulness procs, so if people are listing it for less that it costs to craft, it’s because they have knowledge points in those specs.

I doubt the same would happen to crafted epic prices, you could be right, but that’s a whole different issue on its own.

I’m confused, do you think this is a good thing?

Thanks for that lmao, perhaps a time issue, no?

Sitting about in Valdrakken all day for the chance of getting a crafting order isn’t ideal. I miss being able to craft sought after gear and list on the AH so I can play the game in the meantime.

Not on my server.

I made 70 gold yesterday from a public crafting order :upside_down_face:


I’m not saying I disagree with your request, I just think it would put a spanner in their work order system. There would be little point to it if you could just go to the AH and buy it.

Epic also have resourcefulness

No, i am just pointing out that anything that goes on the AH, will be subject to competition. I do not think that a casual will be able to compete with the goblins and make money.

I doubt those times will return with the current competition in the AH.

Generally speaking because of competitiveness and demand, only way to make gold as casual is either to level a profession and spam /2, or find other ways that do not need professions, like BoE farm, WQs and the like.

Crafted gear is balanced around the buyer providing sparks and crests, otherwise the community would scream p2w day and night.

I’m not leveling professions anymore. What a joke it has become.

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Does the OP know of the Work Orders system I wonder… :thinking:

Well the system of wearing 3 x crafted boe epics in WoD worked well can not see a problem with it now either.

Its never been an issue in the past, there could be a limit on how much can be equipped.

I’m only suggesting that at least basic epic gear could be BoE, obviously not max ilvl gear or embellished gear. I think it would be an overall good change for everyone.



I’m also crafting everything for myself
and that is only because i’m going for all DF profession achievement so i have most of them max lvl
Everything i crafted since season 1 was free for me
only time i payed was for lariat in s1 but since then nothing :smiley:
I don’t like the work order system and i don’t like being dependant on other people made up prices for something.
It’s in my hands and i’m happy
i’m even crafting for free for people in when i see someone in chat i say i will do it for you for free if you put mats in
and they do and they get free good item …

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