Please nerf hunter scorpion pet

cc the pet and you will be fine, but yes it does need adjusting. lets wait here for mage and lock nerfs.

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People must know what that is, to begin with.

Hunter remains one of the classes with higher skill cap. Take away their pet, particularly if they haven’t added resistance, and blast the hunter.

In the meantime, enjoy the scorpid sting + chimera shot <3

This is the way!

More seriously from what i see, as solo queu player you systematically face premades with 2-3 priests and 2-3 hunters. So essentially farming loses with 5min waiting and 15 min waiting inside the bg at GY / as ghost to get the loss mark. So 20 min per mark and 0 rep in bg. 1 hour =100 rep.

But this is getting old quickly and queue time is increasing, which is a good thing (against premading Andys). Showing less participation.

It’s a bad thing for SoD lifespan though, as pvp is mostly the only evergreen content.

Edit: found out Ashenvale event was 2k rep / hour on my server. So i can skip WSG completely and wait later phases for better BGs (AB and AV)

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EVERYONE is abusing scorpions and wind serpents

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Puts pet on passive and melees the mage to death.