Please nerf hunter scorpion pet

its way too much damage. No class can win against it, its not fun gameplay for any1 else but hunters


The thunderhawk is ridiculous as well. The hunters on these forums crying really have zero clue. You send the pet forward in wsg and watch yourself win while healers back you up.
Also why are they as tanky as a legit player? It’s like playing against 2.

Not just pet, nerf the god damn hunters! That ridiculous. I will quit wow if there will be no any improvements, i am already tired of blizzard dissapointments.


this is lvl 25, nothing is balanced at this lvl. Hold your horses russkie

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They just need to adjust the damage for this level, and keep the damage for later lvls. And game will feel better, getting solo killed by a pet dosent feel good

Yes, I also certainly think it’s still way too BS.

In PvP they are practically murder machines by themselves already - you either hard CC or kill them or else you’re dead fast, and they come with full tank stats and resists so good luck there.

And with hunter on top of that is like ??.

And PvE - while I don’t mind AS much, I did consider rolling a Hunter as alt, but I just don’t like that it’s either you use a busted pet or you just suck. I actually really looked forward for Lone Wolf for raiding, but not only it’s nerfed now - the alternative of having pet is way off the charts now.


You would spend more time improving yourself than crying about how bad you are, you would do much better against hunters. It’s far from being the most dangerous class in PvP.

Cute, but it does not change the fact that you and all your friends use Scorpid Poison pet because it’s busted AF and you know it and Blizzard knows it

Maybe the ones who need to “improve themselves” are Hunters who rely on overtuned AF pet and think it’s “skill”. But I am sure it will get nerfed some more and Hunters will pretend it’s some unexpected end of the world and so on.

They are planning to adjust the scorpids and wind serpents, the last pet update was rolled back because it cast too wide a net. Next update to them will be more targeted at the busted pets.

Hunter Scaling should’ve never been added until the AQ phase of level 60 when they actually need it because they fall behind on DPS.

Hunters are FINE in MC and BWL.

ht tps:/ /i. gyazo. com/02f60a8aefd78c5022c472e28683c145. png

Look at this garbage, Scorpion poison does 35% of the Hunter’s DPS and half the Scorpion’s DPS. In normal WoW it would maybe be 20% of the pet’s damage.

They clearly stated in one of their videos that SoD was not about balance but about fun.
If you need to have a balanced experience then there are other iterations of the game.
My hunter has a cat and will always have a cat because I like cats. Cats!

Stop complaining about scorpions and please look at my :tiger: <—- here it is

Fun for who, clown? Fun for the hunter and unfun for everyone else?

This game should require a minimum amount of skill. If you can out DPS 90% of classes just by having a specific pet the game becomes a joke.


This statement is like developing an app and saying that responsive design for mobile doesn’t matter.

asking for nerfs in SoD is so stupid
we are level 25…

what next are you gonna ask for nerfs for the next top tier dps class… until everyone is trash? BEHAVE


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Yeah, Hunters coming out and be like “asking for nerfs is stupid” - top comedy.

Thankfully it’s clear Blizz is aware of the issue and will further adjust pets.

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it is not stupid because we have leveling lock period, it means that we will suck hunter’s dicks for another who knows how many weeks!

I just played a Warsong against a premade with 4 scorpion pets. xD

Absolute joke.

hope hunters will be nerfed like hell, can’t wait to see you crying on forums

If we have lock period for leveling, than balance must be adjusted for each lock max level, this is the correct way.