Please no Divine Steed in SoD

Hey , saying this before it maybe happen
Don’t add it , Divine Steed was the beginning of the end of what a true paladin was pre Legion, do not add it into classic , if you want an alternative to Divine Steed here are some options:

< Fancy Name > Whenever you cleanse yourself from a movement impairing effect gain 3% movement speed for 20 sec stacking up to 10 times , works with Pursuit of Justice. (This would still fit in the niche of a classic paladin slowly but surely getting to it’s target , the more you slow him the more hard it gets to evade the wall of justice)

< Long Arm of the Law > Increases Judgement range by 15 yards and a successful Judgment increases your movement speed by 35% for 3 sec.

< Speed of Light > Increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 sec. 45 sec CD.
(Blizzard if you want to give us Divine Steed give us this instead , we had it in MoP/WoD and it looked way more cool than relying on a mount in combat to come out of your a rse for 3 sec , another benefit is that it stacked with other movement buffs which divine steed does not because it is work like you are on real mount)

Another alternative to mobillity would be to give us a slow since the original design for paladin was to not have any give us a slow instead , the TBC version of Seal of Justice Judgement should be enough

Thank you

Havent tried SoD much but didnt mages become semi tanks with their self healing? Did other classes get new experimental things like that aswell?

All ive seen Ret get is they put in a wrath ret in vanilla. You dont even try to ask for new stuff as if the paladin community has been conditioned to this state.

Either way blizz wont even try to be experimental with paladin because if the result is good, why was it not added in retail?

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