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Trying to queue for mythic + keys is a nightmare, people are too picky and it takes forever forming a group, we are forever waiting for tanks and i think this needs to change drastically for those that want to push in keys and that don’t have their own groups formed. My solution:

we should should have a ‘rio generator’’ that can put people with the same rio in a group when ''random queuing for a key and you should only be able to queue for this key if you have enough rio to do so, that way we don’t get lower experienced people joining keys and we play with people our own ranks and it gives people chances to actually enjoy keys without people turning them away. This is similar for when we queue for heroic and normal dungeons when we are only allowed in at a certain item level. Please change something about the way we queue for keys because its putting me and many others off playing… so very frustrating…

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