Please recommend a death alert Aura


Could anyone please recommend a specific weakaura, i have been trying numerous ones all day I even tried creating my own WA but its like hieroglyphics to me haha.

So I play DK when in a high M+ I can get tunnel vision and not notice a party member has died for CR. What im after is a simple addon that if someone dies an alert to flash for 2 or 3 seconds with an audio que like a church bell or something.

All the ones I’ve tried either don’t work or have ridiculous noises like one screamed “your an idiot” after each wipe which i know and don’t need reminding:)

Please assist a boomer in this matter

Move your party frames to a more centralized location in your UI, somewhere near to where your eyes are most of the time.

I have mate its more of a me issue if its a boss fight for example I get so engrossed in watching for swirly crap I neglect the party unit frames, a audio and visual que is exactly what I need so I know instantly rather than 5 seconds later because as a DK I also need RP to CR so it makes a difference

Looks feature rich and up to date

Yea I tried 6 or 7 none worked to how I was hoping as I mentioned, I managed to alter one today after watching every weak aura tutorial I could find so I have it working exactly as I want with my own custom sound im pretty proud of myself lol even made a few other weak auras tracking some abilities I kept forgetting

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