Please reduce the amount of marks required for R14 gear

I dont think its even remotely possible to obtain 120 AB marks, 50 WSG and 50 AV marks in 2 weeks… I really wanted to gear up my character before the expansion release but i guess that wont happen unless i sleep in the BGs.


Just get weapon. Dont bother go for full set. Not worth it.

So no. Dont make it easier.


You had 2 years to get rank 14 gear? why should they make it easier for you now?


Not to be that guy, but rank 14 is and will never really put possible to get for the average player ;p
Not that it should be changed anyway :slight_smile:

Epic Gear (R12 - 14)
Slot | Honor | Marks

  • Weapon : 38250 | 40AV | 0AB | 0WSG |
  • Head : 13005 | 30AV | 0AB | 0WSG |
  • Shoulder: 8415 | 0AV | 20AB | 0WSG |
  • Chest : 13770 | 0AV | 30AB | 0WSG |
  • Legs : 13005 | 0AV | 0AB | 30WSG |
  • Hands : 8415 | 20AV | 0AB | 0WSG |
  • Boots : 8415 | 0AV | 20AB | 0WSG |
    = Total :103275 | 90AV | 70AB | 30WSG |

That’s doable in 2 weeks, especially if u pre farm 20 of each now.

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the marks will be the least of your worries. its the honor where it’s at


What even is the average honor you can get for a won bg in prepatch?

The fact that you can farm R14 gear in a matter of weeks when R14 players in Classic had to spent 3+ months playing 12+ hours a day to get the rank, title and weapons is just absurd in the first place and you should be glad there’s even an option to do it in pre-patch.


But the pre-patch doesn’t get a player the rank or title, just the gear. Also the classic PVP system in classic was terrible this is a much better way this late in the game since anyone who started the grind right before the announcement was made has no chance of getting R14 the hard way.

Pretty sure out of all Grand Marshals, only 25%, grossly estimated, earned their achievement the legit way. I know this based on all the Grand Marshals in spe I’ve seen spending their days afk.

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Then don’t get full R14 gear, simple as that.

The game is not required to accommodate what we want.

I would rather keep my marks to get gear at 70 / mounts tbh.

It’s good to gear up those 58 boosters though. As the blue gear mentioned at blizzcom suddenly turned green for beta / release and not that good. So getting r14 pieces/ weapons will help them.

Wont prepatch reset the marks?

You’d be getting that in 2 days of actual ranking btw

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You had 2 years to get R14 + having a full R14 gear is not required to get in Outland.

Dunno why you guys plan to spend all your marks for a level 60 gear instead of keeping marks for the level 70 PvP gear.


No, you will keep them and the limit is increased to 100. I still have them on the PTR and on the beta as well.

top tip

you can restore deleted mail from within the wow client help section

just farm all the marks before the prepatch, restore the ones that were deleted (due to the 3 day limit on the mail) on patch day, and spam AV for the honor

Aka how to increase your chance of not playing TBC at release. Blizzard have handed out bans for less obvious exploits before. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting banned doing this.

Don’t think you know what an exploit is mate

Actually the game should be accommodating to some of the players wishes. What’s wrong with wanting to get all the gear that’s suddenly available for purchase? In the original pre-patch there was plenty of time to get a full set for your main and an alt so I don’t see what the issue is or why you have to be so toxic.