Please rethink professions for War Within

So I play on a low pop server. I just came back after a 5 year break, and decided to have a go with Dragonflight. All in all, pretty good, except for one thing:


I LOATHE them.

I understand the idea of “best swordsmith on the server”, yeah that’s cool.
What I don’t understand is “You need this bop reagent to max out your profession”.

Well, that sucks.

I also hate time-gated “knowledge”. This is such a bad idea. It basically ensures that if you come into the expansion late, you will not be able to catch up.

I go on my server, and search for public work orders to fill. There are literally zero orders up, so I have to create work orders with alts to complete, each of which costs me 20g a piece, just so I can get a measly bit of rep and 3 knowledge points per week.

Wasn’t this game supposed to be “fun”?

If you want to make work orders a thing in the next expansion, fine, but don’t make it mandatory, make it the exception, rather than the rule.


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