Please scale up old content items!

All my herald of the titans, as well as timewalking gear was rendered worthless by the item and content rescaling.
Example, my terror from below trinket is 50 ilvl, but currently it would drop at 155 ilvl.
Evven my old legendaries are now worthless… with laughable, non-scaled item levels and you can’t get them again e.g. pandaria cloak or WoD ring - all useless now!!!

Please, Blizzard, scale these old items up to whatever ilvl you set new stuff to…


This seems like a huge oversight, why would they not passively scale up previously earned gear, surely its the same ID codes


they scaled it down at ilvl squish but not now wth


Timewalking Discord made post about this also but so far they have not even said if they are even aware of the issues. I have also been spreading news on reddit, sent feedback in-game etc

yeah, I’m afraid they are gonna ignore the situation and give us “opportunity to earn new items in most exciting ways”

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