Please stop putting random people against grouped people in random battlegrounds, you are destroying pvp for most people

That is, you are destroying the pvp of normal people putting them in a situation of complete disadvantage and favoring streamers and elite groups.

Please stop.


Please stop putting random players with sync premade. You are putting us in an embarrassing situation of unfair play, and it’s mind-numbingly boring. To make it even more boringly repetitive, we must see the same standardized premade raid warnings, from new and upcoming “leaders”, at any time of the day.

{Skull} Kill Kill Kill {Skull}

Please stop this charade.

And as usual, I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the sync premades reading this (I know you do). I understand that different people have different interests. Doing menial tasks is relaxing, I can understand that. May I suggest archeology. It has more variation than doing epics as sync premade but it’s equally repetitive. It’s done in lowbie zones so it’s completely safe, just as you like it.


XY Activated a Big Boy Buff :skull: Time to get LIT!

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They will never do anything about it.

they did on season of discovery, you never know

They could literally fix it by making it so you can be randomly put on either team. Like Blitz

I don’t blame them for doing it.

The amount of people in rabdom bgs that still have 0 pvp gear this late into the season is wild to me


Cause and effect though innit

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It seriously is. Alts coming in with 300 ilevel gear while their main sits on 15k honor… some people do it on purpose I swear.

This is terrible. Lots of 300k-600k players in BG… :rage: :rage: :rage:

Agree. They should be put in a sandbox bg until pvp-geared. But that’s not why some play sync premade.

Due to my working hours I used to play nighttime epics and those were the best. Mostly very experienced players on both sides. No pve-gear. Raid chat was used for communication, not copy-pasted raid warnings. No silent mob trying to get you banned. Last I checked, sync premades had completely taken over nighttime epics.