Please warcraft developers make our hivemind joinable by everyone

Yeah I dont even see the bloody need for the speed boost anyway
Id give it up completely to make the mount useable.
I pugged mine so I had it like my friends did
And none of us can mount each other.
Its so stupid.


I was able to join someone elses’ hivemind when I hadn’t done the questline yet.
And now I can’t join others’ hivemind despite having done the questline, nor can my friends join mine. I’ve seen people mentioning they’ve been able to carry others if they logged an alt, so it must just be buggy as hell.
All that trouble and hard work, just to NOT be able to carry your friends :frowning:

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From what I’ve seen the hivemind is bound for characters who did the last part of the quest together. It means that you can only join the hivemind of friends whom you did the quest with, on the character you did it on. For alts you seem to need to do the questline again.

@Athiyk that’s it.

So any update about this ? I don’t know if the blizzard team is looking after this ? Is it possible to have any insight from a blue :p. I think you’ll make a lot of people happy allowing this mount to be usable with more ppl than the 5 chosen, even without the move speed (so it will not become mandatory).

Sorry but that’s stupid. If you’ve got the achievement you should be able to get the buff.

And now tell me why it needs to be linked to your mates, you made it with, instead of being able to use it simply with others. I thought alot about all sorts of situations, why one of these 2 bonuses could come handy and even being so op, that only the group you made it with, has the right to benefit of it.

First thing is: You shouldn’t be able to use it in dungeons, raids, bgs or anything else , where it could be more usefull than any other usual mount. (Even other passenger mounts aren’t helpful there, so the Hivemind shouldn’t be an exception.)

Second thing: In the usuall open world envirement, this mount won’t give you special oppurtunities to be so helpful, that you will need it so badly that it could even become “mandatory”. Even if I think about situations in WM, I can’t think of anything that would make it a must have or just a good thing to have. (Beside of being a good “taxi” for people that can’t fly yet, or just being lazy.)
With the speed buff you could probably flee a little easier than usuall, but only when you got 4 other people with you. I know that you might could get ganked a little easier there, if you’d be the one getting attacked and you are alone in yours. But everyone knows that WM isn’t much fun if you are alone anyways. (I just want to say, that you probably getting attacked anyways, whether having it or not, especially when you are alone. xD)

If you see any more situations, where this mount could be more than just a more useful kind of “taxi” than other passenger mounts, then please share that opinion with me/us.

(And sorry for possible mistakes while writing it. It’s a foreign language to me.)


You know what’s lame. The 10 letter minimum.

But keeping it working like this with just the core group you did it with will still make it mandatory for mythic+ or pvp in the open world with an “unfair” advantage" for those with an established organized group. Which means the rest can screw themselves.

What sort of a solution is that then?
Being able to ride with friends is cool, so keep it.
Having extra speed WITH friends is cool, so keep it.
And address those specific issues where it is too op instead of this “fun police” style of punishment.

I agree. Please let the hivemind mount be a multiperson mount joinable by any person who has the mount. The speed buff can remain with the group you did the achievement with.

Hey. So still nothing ? I hoped at least some words from blizzard staf :confused:. Seem this subject is still a concern for many players :’(

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So this mount will now end up useless for many people (except for the fact it being a usual mount), because there is no way to talk to us or maybe they even change just a little thing? I really don’t see any point to use it at all, if you couldn’t even pick up alts of the group you did it with. Really no compromise at all? I’m kinda sad about this. But I can’t force anything here. So it remains a solo mount for me and probably for others too.

Did anyone make the experience of it being needed/much used in myth+ yet? Just asking because I don’t do mythics at all right now. So at least it might not be useless for almost everyone.

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