Please warcraft developers make our hivemind joinable by everyone

Because everyone is a friend ! <3

And if your are a lonely gloomy hivemind, supporting this wish please leave a comment :). May the brain be with you !


Sure, join-able by everyone, fine by me, but the speed buff should stay as it is, only from the people you done it with, otherwise the mount will looses the idea of being an Hivemind. (My personal opinion)


Well, I done it with pugs.

Do you mean let anyone join the Mount for the speed boost, without being grouped…? Why…?

do the last steps then with friends that you play often with. If you are more a solo player, you do not need the speed buff :wink:

Make it count for everyone that got the Achievement aswell, not everyone that did it with you, a hivemind is bigger than 5 people.


Sorry, but how did you define that size of a hivemind?
Is in the World of Azeroth not the law of uncle Blizz valid? If they say the group you did it with, it is the group you did it with.

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Cause what you describe is a pack, not a hive.

And again, the depends in what universe you say it. Red in our world, does not mean red in World of Warcraft. Like we don’t have naga (I think)

That’s the worst argument i’ve read on hear, ever.
Stop with the ‘Blizzard says so, so be it’ mentality.

If they say, there are no levels and no items anymore, then there are no levels and no items anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t question/criticise their intentions, does it?

If they want to give it a flavor of a hivemind, they should make it bound to the achievement. IMO they should remove all of those artificial restrictions, but if they don’t at least, let my friends that also are part of the hivemind, join my flying brain, even if we didn’t join the hivemind together.

Some clarification on twitface

Erm… what achievement?

Haha yes asking for anyone to be able to join you without any restriction might be a little bit execessive, and as celestalon said the point is not to make the mount mandatory and then only see big purple brains all over Azeroth.

My point is, and i hope if some blizzard employees read this they will keep an open mind, i’m not here to complain about a content. This Secret was fun to do, and the whole community aspect of it is nice.
But i see in various forums that many players, incuding my self, are a little bit disapointed. Why ? I think the catch is not really about the move speed. Having it restricted to the five players who have done the last part together sound legit. What is really makes me sad is that random people in my group can’t join me at all (imagine doing all over again the quest each time you have a different group and want some to merge with you).

There are already mounts in the game that you can use with random people (restricted to 2 players ofc but at least you are not alone), so may be allow random people to merge with you and cap it to two or three people (this is a secret mount so a little “more” would be nice) without the speed upgrade of course.

And if it semms it’s too much, at least allow random people who have the mount (and why not have all the four monocles) merge. It would be a great compromise (it’s christmas after all :p).

Then it will be :
-> 5 people, move increase, only with the ones you solved the quest
-> 5 (or 3) (or 2) people, no move increase, with anyone who have the mount (or the four monocles if this need to be more restricitve)

I hope this can be debated here, and why not see some blue text :wink:

Kind regards. Taykee the seeker.

P.S. Sorry if there are any mistakes, i’m not an native english speaker so it might be weird sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:
P.P.S Gratz on the skin and the animation, it’s tremendous. I can almost feel the gelly wet sticky brain <3
P.P.P.S Please try to keep this topic friendly minded, i assume that some people dont agree with me, that’s totally fine.

The thing is, there is currently only 3 other flying mounts that lets other players fly with you, one being the Sandstone Drake which requires a bit of Alchemy training, a LOT of Archaeology grinding, 30-40k gold, and then a lengthy material farm. The other two are from Recruit A Friend which is realistically only done by directly paying money. Even if the Hivemind “only” keeps its multi-person flying status, it raises the mounts of that type obtainable in-game from 1 to 2.

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I dont like this change.

I don’t farm mounts, pets or achievements since I dont have fun getting “rewarded” for an item (or points) that will just sit there and do nothing - in the end its just the same thing.

But for the first time in many, many years I thought to myself “hey, this is such a unique item. not only has it a very special design, but also an interesting usefullness”.

And I (as many others) invested many hours to get this mount. Even though I couldve just get it within half an hour, I decided that I want to see what you actually need for this mount.

Even with guides it takes a long time to get. To group up and coordinate the last few parts in suramar was a lot of fun - I mean: when is the last time you actually had to group up with people and organize it properly for it to work?

And for the first time, since 2-3 expansions, it gave me some sense of accomplishment (last time was getting the Ice Yeti mount for silver challenge modes in WoD).

But now it feels like all the time I invested into getting all the monocles and doing the challenges as a group was just wasted. Its just a mount (admittedly a mount with a unique design) that will waste in my “collection”.

And I dont understand the “why” behind it to be honest.

What kind of advantage do you gain from being faster that “breaks the game” in a way where you feel the need to change it?

What kind of advantage do you gain from hoarding the whole raid in that thing and getting to a boss faster in raid?

What exactly is the problem with being able to carry people around? Whats the problem with being faster while doing so?

I just dont understand it.

Overall it feels like someone promises you a rainbow with all the colors if you work for it and after you get it, they take away the colors and tell you “yeah, just blue is enough actually”


Nollyward i guess the speed boost making it mandatory is more about mythic + and rbg instancied content, but even if it was a thing the actual desing of the mount is no guarantee that it will not become a must have. Competitive teams are established and they will obviously go to grab the mount together and then get the speed bonus. Then change how the mount works will at the contrary make her less mandatory. And it seems that the suggestions i made earlier are the same that you can see in the many treads about the mount.

I literally just logged the forums to have a whine about this.

I could not be MORE disappointed if I tried.
Only the group you acquire it with can ride with you? So a whole group of my friends and I cant use each others mounts which is exceptionally irritating.

Surely everyone with hivemind is a part of… THE FUDGING HIVE MIND?

Small rage. Small rage.

I dont understand why we cant just allow it to be a mount useable by everyone thats done the thing and got hivemind?
Im not saying let anyone and everyone on… but jesus all that time to be told OH BUT IF YOU WANNA RIDE IT WITH OTHERS YOU CAN JUST REDO IT WITH ANOTHER GROUP YAY

What the actual???

Waste of time
Waste of energy
Super angry

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That would have been nice too.

Or just let it be a multi mount and only apply the speed bonus when you’re with your party that did the task.