Pllllllllllllls change loot drop system from raid(rolls is It is unfair)

Today began the third week in Europe And I’m a hardcore gamer, I mean I play at least 8 to 10 hours a day . I killed all difficulty Except mythic modes of the raids bosses(noraml/hc/and 2 last week lfr) 9/9 hc /9/9 normal /every three weeks.I lost all the rolls I made.I killed about at least 40 bosses And the only thing I got is a finger and a one-handed weapon while im warri.I remember that in the old expedition, we got a drop a unique item in every kill 2 or 3 bosses. And in my opinion, it is very annoying that I, who in the third week with maximum activities, have three sets, and people who are neither progressing and have no skills in dungeons have four sets. Just because they are lucky.


I will bring the :popcorn: for the so called “hard core” players who play 8-10 hours a day and to not have cleared mythic. Shame :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

Join a guild or keep praying to RGjesus for better luck on next pug

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