Pls dont blizz why

Blizzard please. Don’t swap Unholy Blight and Epidemic in the talent tree. First when I read the new changes, I thought I’d just do less damage from not being able to play Blight in PvP, but looking into it, this ruins all of our current builds. Morbidity means we’re gonna do less damage overall because of one less disease, and if you want to nerf us again, just give us a flat damage nerf, instead of pruning our abilities. Even for the PvErs this was a useless change, and you’re evil for doing this to our class. If you’re gonna go through with this can you at least buff Frost DKS? They are like the enhancement shamans of death knights.


This is a good change.

It allows for us to drop Blight, pick up Epidemic and spec into Magus of the damned for something like Tyrannical.

I was talking about PVP. You’re saying that Blizzard should ruin PVPers talent builds so that people who do Mythic+ dungeons have a slightly more convenient talent build. That is awful for the game. You should instead ask blizzard to, idk, make epidemic baseline? I know most people do PVE but it is objectively boring compared to pvp, as someone who has pushed both at high end levels. The game shouldn’t be adjusted to Mythic+ when it ruins the game for PVPers.

This idea I like, take epidemic and put it into a baseline spell is a good idea.


is there pvp in this game?? or bugs?? anyways blizzard is not comfortable with dks are playable in pvp so every mini pach is nerf.


Yeah I aggre. Really bad change for pvp. Just gives udk less talent points to work with in pvp.

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Very happy with the way death knight is right now only change i would want is a focused death coil for more dmg

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Nobodies saying tbat.

But the fact of the matter due to joint builds sadly any demands made will effect rhe other side in trade.

U say baseline it, but thatd likely end up with DK being nerfed in otherways to make up for the fact they just got a talent handed for free. .
Then u will be annoyed at that.

I specifically stated that I wouldn’t mind a damage nerf if we got Epidemic baseline (which has no value in pvp anyways). What I’m sad about is the fact that they are pruning our abilities and giving us less pvp utility, now we can’t catch rogues from stealth as easily, and the class will just feel a lot less fun to play when you lose such a high uptime ability. The talent tree is perfect as is, it just feels unnecessary for Blizzard to make such a bad change for PVPers when they can just take another route.

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