Pls dont delete char

I received news that Blizzard will delete all classic era characters from their classic server unless you pay a sub (required to log in) and fork over an additional 5 euro for ‘cloning’ at the 26th of July.

Please make an option available to indicate without having to log in that I want my char to stay on classic era realm. I made my char on classic realm, not tbc realm, not wotlk realm. How is it ok to just threaten people to pay money or have their character deleted from their intended server? I made a classic char, for retail I understand that this is normal way of business but classic was made specifically for classic, I dont want to log in when I have time and working computer and money tot spare (full sub for classic is rediculous anyway but I digress) to find my classic char back in pandaria or wherever. I log in to my osrs char years later and where is he? That’s right osrs like how it should be. Classic era servers are already in bad place, seriously, Just merge alle PVP and PVE into one Giant server, but that is another issue.

For now pls dont delete the classic char. My wife and me cant just spare 2 subs and 2 clone money Just to have our chars remain in the server where they should be, if we already payed so much, why does Blizzard remove chars from classic server even private servers dont threaten to do that unless you pay them money, how is this ethical business Practice?

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