Pls remove ashran from the game

How so? It had some vehicle usage but was reliant on that mechanic and was more focused on controlling the 3 points. Whoever did that better, won.

Southshore vs. TarrenMill is great with premades. Only on brawl week though.

Now I love both versions of Ashran. So its def a you problem and not broader problem.

Also seems they have fixed the lock teleport bug/exploit. Seems you get teleported out of the tower after a min or two. Still think this is not the best fix as its still viewed as an exploit, in my opinion anyway, as it gives a competitive advantage to Horde and Alliance don’t have a similar tactic).

Still Ashran forever.

It was still funny AF seeing 20 Alliance stuck up in that tower unable to get out. Sux when you’re up there, amusing when you’re not.

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Are you referring to the BG early this morning or just some other random time? The reason I ask is because I stated it SEEMS they have fixed it.

What actually happened was a Priest called out in chat to report the horde lock for exploit. The first to be teleported out was the priest. Then a hunter said he did the same as was teleported out. My mage followed suit and was bounced up in the air and then floated down to the lower path.

Now I doubt reporting the lock was the reason as this would be a stupid way to fix this but all of us after about a min or two were teleported out. Needless to say 20 folks reporting the lock meant he did vanish from the BG.

No it happened months ago.

Rework Ashran. Make it PvP zone you go after hitting max level to get basic honor gear. Don’t instance it just shard it. Let people go and play it as long they need. Also enhance all Ashran areas. Now people just rush mid or Boss. Rework the buffs and mechanics when you capture stuff.

ashran is the biggest honor farm,
you do realise you can get conquest and honor in ashran with quest… right?

1 game and you’ll be capped almost

Get song flower = profit

Bring back Ashran events.

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