Pls remove ashran from the game

Nobody loves it. We dont need the brawl version either.
Most of the ppl dont understand the tactics.
Most people exit this battleground after it starts.
its a crap.



Better solution ;

Implement Standard Ashran, remove it from epic Battleground and enable it as a Brawl all year round, the battleground itself is good due to the mini-events within the Battleground, while in the current one in Epic battleground feels incomplete.

It’s a you problem not we


Wait wait ! I still have some achievements to do over there :laughing:

He’s right. Ashran wasn’t designed to be an epic battleground. Back in WoD it was epic with all the objectives and the back and forth wars. Now it’s who can mash the buttons harder and slowly winning/losing by reinforcement. This typw of bg is the embodyment of zerg.
Only if they dedicated a few measly resources to making av and ashran actually fun to play. Imagine if the npcs weren’t so useless.


All they got to do is implement Ashran as a ‘Battleground mode’ appart from the Epic Battlegrounds.

I don’t like the “remove it” option, but I agree that rn Asharan is the least fun bg with Seething Shore.

P.S. Give Strand back


I quit Trashran 90% of the times when it pops up!
Its boring 1 hour gang-bang fight in middle.


Ashran is ALOT of fun! I don’t know what you guys are on about.

My favourite are the games where our team retreats into our base after losing the mid fight. We then bunker down, and any time the enemy crosses the bridge, we use warlock “Shadowrift” to teleport them in and nuke them down like M+ trash.

There’s lots of fun ways to play Ashran!


Brawl Ashran is a complete mess. First, it isn’t the exclusive battleground so half of the players interested in participating are already split queueing into standatd version and second, it is completely unplayable because the amount of people who come in, see the battle is starting in 8 minutes and leave. When you used to wait 8 hours to join in, there was an incentive to stay, but now one side gets outnumbered and other one keeps farming you while having no fun at all.

Whatever little amount of players there are, they’re in their own corner of the map farming reputation. Everyone comes in for the PVP quest, afks a little and leave.

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the bgs id remove are

seething shore
isle of conquest

its mostly vehicles, very little actual pvp

I agree with removing Seething Shore (RNG mess) and Wintergrasp, but I disagree with IoC. There’s plenty of PvP action going on at the flags and inside the bases.

It’s the best bg for honor grind, u loot enemy turn in tokens base.

Do not remove this bg.

Tokens is 100 each i had about x7 tokens last game stack with banner means 115 each.

I played this as fresh content and it was AIDS back then why is it being dragged with us after this many expansions? Cant agree more rofl its not Wintergrasp please remove :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its the only option if you want to do the race kills achievements from the garrison, so no thank you

Yup, as melee it is useless unless you are DK and can grip every 25 seconds, and that’s all you do for 20 mins… and as other melee you stand there waiting for your DK to grip and kill this 1 person :rofl:. Even as ranged it is useless, you try nuke a target and get it down to 10-20%, then it pops its immunity or jumps back, heals to full in 1 sec from healers, and then you try another target hoping not to be standing too far in the front yourself to get targeted or Death Gripped… Like two giant Meatballs fighting each other for 20 mins wearing down the mana or getting lucky with a kill here and there… No real fast way to end the bg unless a coordinated sneak attack on the boss… and killing the boss the normal way takes forever to get into the enemy base.

I disdain these huge 40v40 fights and avoid them, in Wintergrasp at least, one side gets vehicles and the fight ends pretty quickly after that. In Isle of Conquest one side wins the fight and the other team usually gives up after that for some reason, spread around the map and do nothing until it ends… Vehicles also help a little here…

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Problem is Healers not dying and you never get chance on enemy Boss before reinforcements run out.

Ashran is great, it’s just you who can’t play it. If and epics should be removed it is the vehicle maps, I.E. Wintergrasp and IoC. Or IoC could use a vehicleless version of the game with drawbridges instead of base gates.

I would prefer a thousand times Ashran to play a winter conquest and lose in attack. That’s unbearable

Ashran is all about momentum. You can lose the initial fight but still come back. I’ve been involved in some epic games this year alone.

WG, and IoC to an extent, is pretty much over once you lost that first fight at SR or Hangar. Wish they would bring Tol Barad back. I loved that BG in Cata.